Thursday, October 21, 2010

Art 2 re:Mono Oil

As we prepare for our oil unit, for the end of next week make sure you have:
a 16" x 20" canvas
a high quality b & w photograph

I know I forgot to mention this to 4th period today, but those things will be needed asap.

Bring in a selection of images to choose from. Be picky with the subject and the composition, please. If you have a photo you have taken and would like to use it, even better! In fact, I strongly suggest that you think about this option. I can show you how to convert it to b/w in class if needed. Otherwise, magazines are a great place to look. If you insist on using google images, make sure to look under "large" file sizes in order to get the best printout possible.

Canvases can be bought for cost here at school, $9 for wide profile, $5 for thin profile. Cash only, please.

I will be showing examples of past projects on Monday so you can begin to think about color choice and subject matter ... so stay tuned!

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

MICA Visit

(Maryland Institute College of Art)
will be back on campus to do a visit/presentation during tutorial on Oct. 26th in room 502!!!

Art 3

Your Master Oil Copy project is coming up. Make sure you have your canvas, 16x20 min., and your high quality reproduction options in class next week. We need to begin this project soon in order for it to be ready for the Town Council Show this winter.
If there are questions, please make sure to ask me.

Saturday, October 9, 2010


Everyone, everyone ... Sketchbooks will be do from all adv. art levels within the next week.
Some reminders:
work from the front to the back (so there will be room for the entire year)
generally speaking, use both sides of the pages
don't focus on "finished" images - though those are o.k. too
don't cut anything out - if you don't like it, work over it, paint over it, erase it, etc.
but "mistakes" are good
study drawings should be done on separate paper
but DO use the sketchbook as a place to visually brainstorm

really I'll be looking at QUANTITY.
but effort, improvement, and quality do factor in as well.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Art 4

In getting ready for your oil painting, remember:

you should be drawing on your canvas on Friday

which means you need to have a canvas here

or be ready to purchase one here ($9/thick or $5/thin)

have your oil brushes ready to go

have your sketchbook here (we will be taping in your purple sheet and putting your ideas in that book - if they are not already there)