Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Daily Sketchbook 8/30

You have two options for today.
Option 1: continue working on your drawing from Monday in class (the Man Ray inspired image)
Option 2: draw a series of contour drawings of your hand (approx 3-4 min each) on a double page spread in your sketchbook (these should be life size or larger and will prob overlap at least a little bit)

Note: Personally I would rather you use option 1 so that you get in the habit of multiple days of working on the same image so you know what it feels like to have little bits of work gradually add up to larger bits of work. Ultimately the decision is up to you though.

Monday, August 28, 2017

Daily Sketchbook 8/28

Yesterday was Man Ray's birthday, so choose one of the below images as your inspiration for the piece you will do in your sketchbook today.
Remember, eliminate the shadow and photograph the entire page before uploading to Canvas. Also, make sure you are uploading to the correct assignment please. Ask if there are questions.

Thursday, August 24, 2017

Hello Parents.

Hi there, and welcome to Art class - and the Art class blog. I don't post much here for parents, but it may be a place you want to check out a few times this year in order to know about what is going on in class.
You can also check out even more information in Canvas, so please bookmark that site and review it frequently.

I don't want to say a lot today, but I do want to take this time before we get to Back To School Night to begin a little bit of communication with you. Please read the following letter as this introduction from me.

I am excited for this school year, and for some of the changes I have in store for the students. I hope to see you in a couple of weeks, and as always, if you have questions, I'm only an email away.

Have a wonderful afternoon.


Daily Sketchbook 8/24

Get three of the 3x5" cards that are (or should be) at your table group. In PEN ONLY print your first and last name in small-ish letters in the upper right hand corner. There is an example on the board for you to follow.
Next, in the upper left hand corner but a capital A on one card, a capital B on the second card, and a capital C on the third card. Again, these letters should be in the upper left hand corner.

At this point it would be beneficial for you to review the types of things you have done in your past Art classes here at lghs. For example, you have done observational drawing (still life), drawing and painting from photographs, setting up your own composition (Art 2 acrylic), color exploration, artist of the month, pen and ink drawings, exploring watercolor techniques, creating your own rationale/explanation for a work of your own, and the list continues.
Some of these things are quite "beginning" and about learning something from scratch, and some of them are quite advanced and require a lot more thought.

Next it would be good for your to read the following page of CA Advanced Art Standards.

Finally I want to get your input on the note cards that will relate to your work this semester.
On the "A" card I want you to provide information about what it takes to receive an "A" in this class for you for this semester.
On the "B" card I want you to provide information about what it takes to receive a "B" in this class for you this semester.
On the "C" card I want you to provide information about what it takes to receive a "C" in this class for you this semester.

Clearly there need to be both similarities and differences between these three cards. You may wish to confer with some peers in order to come up with your final - and thoughtful - answers. I will be reviewing these and will circle back to you if your answers are not deemed sufficient enough, so please take your prior knowledge into account in order to come up with an explanation on each card.

When you are happy with your result you should lay them next to each other to photograph and upload them to the daily sketchbook assignment. Please had your three cards to me when you are finished and begin on your observational drawing assignment.
You may find it necessary to begin this, but then finish it later in class after you have had some time to think about it and process the information.

Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Art 3 & 4 Independent Practice Due Dates

So there's a bit of weirdness for the schedule this semester because of certain dates that we do not have classes. The independent practice pieces are due on the following due dates. There is only ONE PLACE to upload them for the entirety of the semester.
Please mark these dates in your calendar.


Have fun!

Daily Sketchbook 8/22

Make sure you have your ipad (today you will get your number from me), open a new 8x10" canvas in procreate, and wait for directions.
Thank you.