Wednesday, December 5, 2018

Ending the Semester for Art 1

I just wanted to share a few notes for you, my wonderful Art 1 students.
As the semester draws to an end, everything seems busy. This is true for teachers and students both.
I know there are due dates coming up (Ch. 3 on 12/10 and 12/ attention to this as black/orange days are flipped here!), but there is time to get your work finished.
I cannot strongly enough suggest that you use tutorial time - especially for your sketchbook. Not only is the sketchbook due before the painting, but you will need all of the available class time you can get to finish your painting sufficiently.
On average, in the past, the tempera painting has taken - with brainstorming, working on the color wheel worksheet, and through the entire rough draft process - 14 or 15 class periods. If we go from the beginning of the project to the published due date, there are 13 class period for your work this semester after the pen and ink due date.
I know I know, what about another one or two class periods? I get it. It stresses me out too.

But first, a little tangent.
Some of your ideas and designs are so amazing. Even if you did a so-so job on the execution I know it will look fantastic, and some of you that I see this’re already painting as I write this. Wow!
However, some of you aren’t even on your large rough draft yet. And you are most of the same people who (basically) never come in to work at tutorial or before/after school. Sad face.

So here is what I am “changing”. We will have an “extension” of the due date… with some caveats. While you will get the finals class period to work on your painting, you will not have quite all of this time. During part of this I will have you filling out a self-reflection about your painting/process before you actually finish your painting.

You MUST have all of the requirements in the painting before the due date. This means all of your completed value scales, neutral, tints, tone, etc. have to be in the painting. You also need to show your ability to get clean/crisp edges, as well as smooth/blended transitions.
Your painting should, basically, be finished. By this, I mean at least 90% finished.

However, I do want to show a few things along the way and at the end that will help refine your image, add some textures, etc. It is possible that this will take us into a day or two of next semester.
You will receive an assessment for your project after you give it to me during finals, but because it will be the end of the semester you will not have your normal window to make any adjustments or have a do-over in any section. This is just what happens at the end of the semester.

Remember that you should, essentially, be finished with your painting (you need to have paint everywhere, but you may have some small details that could still be added). If you aren’t at this point, you won’t have given yourself the opportunity to show what you have learned this semester, and in this process.
The thing I am most concerned with is that there are some of you that aren’t painting yet (as I finish writing this on the morning of 12/5 (that earlier bit was written yesterday)). You just won’t have time to finish this painting if you do not use a significant amount of studio time outside of your normal class period working on your painting.

It will be a tight finish, but I believe in you, and I’m here to help you along the way. I’ll keep what I have to say/show to a minimum so as to maximize your time, but you also need to help your own process by giving it as much time as possible. As always, let me know I can answer any questions.