Tuesday, January 31, 2012


This here is a MICA pre-college booklet. They do a great program there...but there are other places that do, too.
Such as Pratt, OSU, and many others.
If you're thinking you might be interested in spending some time away from your family and surrounded by other creative folks, it is probably a good time to start thinking about that.
Just sayin'.

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Art 1 Perspective Requirements

Here's what you need to include, and a short blurb on what I'll be expecting when it comes time to grade.

  • Decide on one or two point perspective - doesn't matter to me, choose whichever one you feel most comfortable with (though challenging yourself is always good, too);
  • Create a "room" with a floor and at least one wall in one point, or give me a "box" with an interior showing in two point;
  • Create a "checkerboard" pattern on one of your surfaces;
  • Include at least five shapes - one must be a box and one must be a sphere - minimally;
  • Include at least three "cutaways"/windows/doors;
  • At least two of the objects must overlap
  • Use both hatch and stipple pen & ink techniques
  • get your 9x12" paper from me
  • create a light pencil drawing of the above
  • erase any unnecessary lines so as to not confuse yourself while inking
  • let me see it to make sure you won't run in to problems
  • ink - using all three pen & ink techniques learned earlier in the year
I want you to show of your fun and creative side. If you settle for the minimum, even with perfect technique, I'll likely not shower you with an awesome grade. Strive for more. For reals.

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Cool Stuff from Catspit

Hey, I learned something new too!

Some of you will be dealing with some screen printing in the near future, and this guy her at Catspit Productions does a really good job explaining some technique in this here video.

Many Learned Things

I guess I should start from the beginning.
Or at least some beginning.

A few months ago I bought a book while in the bookstore at SFMOMA called 101 Things to Learn in Art School, by Kit White - maybe you've seen it in class. It's a great book that deals with so many "basic" things that I've been thinking of duplicating and adapting some of them here.
I mean, I know all of my students - yes, you - read this blog religiously, so if I can impart some good stuff, well, how "teacherly" of me.

The idea is to take one of the 101 things from that book as a jumping off point at some semblance of a regular interval and share it with you. We can all continue to learn, and even if it's something we already know, solidifying our knowledge isn't exactly a bad thing.

So without further delay, I give you v1.0

Learn to Draw
"Drawing is more than a tool for rendering and capturing likenesses. It is a language, with its own syntax, grammar, and urgency. Learning to draw is about learning to see. In this way, it is a metaphor for all art activity. Whatever its form, drawing transforms perception and thought into image and teaches us how to think with our eyes."

I have to say that I felt very vindicated when I read that passage. It didn't really dawn on me until after a few years of teaching that it kind of isn't about what you are drawing but what you are allowing yourself to see.
Too often we think we know what is in front of us and our aim is to draw that. But too often we're just wrong. Truth.
I see it time and again in student work - and even my own at times. Our brains are pretty smart things but they don't know everything, and the situations and circumstances we are faced with are constantly in flux and motion. It's nearly impossible for something to be the same in every instance. $hi* changes, and our approach and perception of it needs to change, too.

OK, 'nuff said, for now.

Since I know you are all checking this all the time :) I'll not belabor the point, but every few weeks I'll try to update this (ongoing) series.

Art 2

Forgot to tell you all, with your 3 study drawings that are due next week, one MUST  be done in pen & ink.
Thanks for playing.

This Just In

The 2012 version of Fractured Follies dates have been set for May 17th and 18th.
Please, come laugh with/at your teachers.

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Before and After - aka, Mad Skills

You know you love it.

I mean, how can you not.
And look at how hard they are working!

Extra Credit

Here are your first extra credit opportunities for the year:

First: at the reception this Thursday, Jan. 19th from 6-8. You know you want to come see the paintings that are on display from many of the adv art students. It makes you happy to see how awesome your peers are, don't try to deny it.

Second: next Tues., Jan 24th, in the Large Gym from 7-8. That's the night of 8th grade orientation. As is usual, I'll be there at a table representing the art department with an "official" flier trying to get the 8th graders to sign up for the class, but I could use your help. I'm willing to give extra credit to a handful of kids who are in, or will be in, the advanced art classes to mingle in the crowd and give out funky fliers (the one's ya'll been making) and enthusiastically encourage people to take the class by telling them how awesome it is and how much better it has made your high school experience - and life :)


Don't forget to check the calendar on the class site, but here are some of the due dates coming up:
  • Jan 18th - EF Meeting in the Adv Art Room
  • Jan 19th - AICC Reception 6-8pm
  • Jan 19th - Art 3 - 2 study drawings due; sketches for next project/painting due; art/502 advertising stuff due
  • Jan 19th - Art 4 - 2 study drawings due; art/502 advertising stuff due???
  • Jan 20th - Art 2 - Vintage Art Advertising Posters Due
  • Jan 23rd - Art 1 3 study drawing sketches due
  • Jan 23rd - Art 3 - canvases for next painting due, drawing on them
  • Jan 23rd - CT Visit - Josh and Siobhan, don't forget
  • Jan 23rd - Art 4 - Studio 502 website due
  • Jan 24th - 3's from periods 2/6, advertising stuff due
  • Jan 24th - 8th grade orientation in big gym, 7-8pm, I NEED VOLUNTEERS FOR HANDOUTS
  • Jan 26th - Art 2 - 3 study drawings due, one must be pen & ink
  • Jan 27th - Art 4 - Portfolio Due

Art 4 Portfolio Project

As you already have notes on photographing - properly! - your art from last semester, and you are in your final semester of art education here at good ol' lg, it's time to begin pulling together pieces and looking at what you have.
And yes, thinking about all that you have done - and why.

Sounds fun, right? Yes, I know.

Here's what I would like for you to include, and there are two parts.
First, the visual component. Please include:
  • 10-20 pieces (these should be photographed with the background cropped out)
  • give me individual photo files
  • give me an electronic presentation (that blows me away)
  • give me a cd with all electronic files on it - including statement, see below, or, alternatively, send me a link through a site such as mediafire so that I get ALL of the information all at once.
  • print 8x10" hard copies of each of your images
  • bind/present these hard copies in an interesting way - a 1/2" binder with plastic pages works well, just sayin'
  • include an "artists" statement - this should be 3-5 paragraphs of 3-5 sentences each discussing your experiences in art for four years, what you get from art/have gotten from it, why you make it/where does your drive and passion come from, and where you see art in your future life
Oh, this is due on Friday January 27th.

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

"extra" Getting Perspective

This won't be applicable, necessarily, until next week - if at all, but there will be kudos and admiration for those that can utilize this information.
It's good stuff, for sure.

Getting Perspective - 2

So, Thursday the 12th we'll be discussing two point perspective. It's very similar to Tuesday's lesson and you'll have another simple worksheet to complete.

I know you'll all be here on the blog lapping this stuff up so here, above, is kind of what the process looks like.

The second one, above, is longer, I know, but it begins to "explain" more options that I'd like you to begin to familiarize yourself with.

I Can Get Sentimental

It's a new year and I have to say that I think I spent more time with former students than I did with family and "other" friends over our two week break.
As I reflect, which I am prone to do, it is very obvious how fortunate I am.
Not only do I have a job that I love, but I get to get personal with and learn from my students while in the classroom and well after. I am deeply grateful for all of this and it means the world to me.

I have been surrounded by so many good people over the years, and to watch everyone continue to grow, mature, and become the individual they are destined to be is invigorating, exciting, and special to me.
It is wonderful to get together with you time and again after you have left the "halls" of LG and keep in touch.

I also know I'm going to forget some names, so don't hold that against me, but to people such as:
Catherine, Mercedes, Christina, Deana, Avi, Mabelle, Eden, Hallie, Paula, Laura, Ryan, Lucy, Rachel, Kevin, Austin, Ernie, et al, thank you.

Seriously. Thank you.
You help make me a happy man, and my life more full and interesting.

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

EF Information

For those of you entering Art 3/4 next year I've already sent your parents this link, but thought I would put it out here in the public domain as well.
Click here if you'd like to see, sort of, the itinerary and the cost.

For those of you entering Art 2 and will be a Jr or Sr, there may be slots open but I won't know that for a few weeks yet. 
Yes, I'll keep you posted on the news as needed.

Instructional Strategy #302

Have to give props to Palma and Burns for their sharing of this.

Calendar Attention

As promised, yes, another post - 3rd of the day so far!

Next week there are two important events that I want to share with everyone.

First is the annual Art In the Council Chambers Exhibit.
This applies to everyone as I offer extra credit for the students who attend.
Details: Thurs., Jan 19th, 6-8pm, LG Town Council Chambers - essentially right below the library, sort of.
I need some volunteers to spring some light food/drink at about 5:30 for the reception, but I'll send out an email regarding that.
This reception is held for the advanced art students so that their oil paintings can be viewed. Well, many of them. There isn't room for all of them, but I think there are about 40 or so that will make their way across the street for the show.
This show will be up until the first week of March. There aren't really "public viewing" hours, though there are many chances to see the work. I will say that it's best to come to the reception itself if you can.

Second is a meeting regarding the Europe field trip scheduled for next year.
A representative from EF Tours will be at school at 8pm on Wed., Jan 18th with the ability to answer even more questions.
If you did not sign up before Dec. 15th, they have extended the "discount" until Jan. 19th. I know, I know, that's the next day, but the 18th is the only day once second semester started that I could get them here.
If you want to review the field trip info - which at this point is open to next year's Art 3/4 students (this doesn't mean that some of next year's Art 2's couldn't go, I'm just not there yet), please go here.

Getting Perspective

One Point Perspective, that is.
As we just did a one point perspective worksheet in class, you'll be somewhat familiar with this topic, but soon enough you'll need to be creating a drawing from scratch, so watching it done will be helpful.
Below is a pretty good instructional/educational step by step of this. Note that there are some issues with the final drawing, as is explained, but you'll get the gist. I hope.

I would encourage you to watch some other videos, too.
Such as this one, especially since it is, arguably, better and more informative.

Welcome back!

There is a new year upon us and I hope everyone has had an enjoyable two week break.
I'll be keeping this post short as I intend on putting a lot more information up here within the next week or so. These posts will be integral for students and parents alike, and I hope you find it helpful.

I do need to mention the calendar that you can find on the class site, too.  There are some dates on there that will be important to remember - such as the Town Council Opening, the EF representative talk, 8th grade Orientation, etc.
Please check the calendar frequently for the most up to date news.

And of course, Happy New Year!
I'm rested and excited to be back.  Second semester is always busier for the art department with showings, registrations, and ordering supplies, but it's also incredibly fun.
I'm hoping the students will be free to push their individual creativity and really have fun with their projects.

Until next time...