Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Welcome back!

There is a new year upon us and I hope everyone has had an enjoyable two week break.
I'll be keeping this post short as I intend on putting a lot more information up here within the next week or so. These posts will be integral for students and parents alike, and I hope you find it helpful.

I do need to mention the calendar that you can find on the class site, too.  There are some dates on there that will be important to remember - such as the Town Council Opening, the EF representative talk, 8th grade Orientation, etc.
Please check the calendar frequently for the most up to date news.

And of course, Happy New Year!
I'm rested and excited to be back.  Second semester is always busier for the art department with showings, registrations, and ordering supplies, but it's also incredibly fun.
I'm hoping the students will be free to push their individual creativity and really have fun with their projects.

Until next time...

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