Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Extra Credit

Here are your first extra credit opportunities for the year:

First: at the reception this Thursday, Jan. 19th from 6-8. You know you want to come see the paintings that are on display from many of the adv art students. It makes you happy to see how awesome your peers are, don't try to deny it.

Second: next Tues., Jan 24th, in the Large Gym from 7-8. That's the night of 8th grade orientation. As is usual, I'll be there at a table representing the art department with an "official" flier trying to get the 8th graders to sign up for the class, but I could use your help. I'm willing to give extra credit to a handful of kids who are in, or will be in, the advanced art classes to mingle in the crowd and give out funky fliers (the one's ya'll been making) and enthusiastically encourage people to take the class by telling them how awesome it is and how much better it has made your high school experience - and life :)

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