Saturday, March 31, 2012

At the CASA Fashion Show

Giving up some props to my girls (and guys)...Emilia, Kaitlin, Monica, Kellie Rae, Sophia, Kayla, Karla, Savannah, Andrew,  & Alexa

And I can't forget the former students: Desiree, Jennifer, Mahala, & Story

And of course, the Art Department's very own Mr. Aguayo!

Nice work everyone!

Thursday, March 29, 2012

"New" Museum Link

Here is an updated link for the Social Matters (issue) LG Art Museum show.

I also updated the broken link in the post from a few weeks ago that has more information in it.

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

New View

Mr. Benz has done an amazing job of rotating some of our awesome artwork through the guidance office all year, and he's done it again. Though on a grander scale.
He orchestrated a big change - for the better, I think - in their office largely to showcase more of our student's awesomeness.
If you haven't been in the guidance office lately, I would suggest you go by and have a gander. The pics are below, but they really don't do the images justice.

Friday, March 23, 2012


Here is the direct link for the JumpstArt program Nathan will be presenting on Monday at tutorial.

Thursday, March 22, 2012

JumpstArt Presentation

Our LG alum who is in gathering of Oregon State Univ's summer pre-college program called JumpstArt will be in room 502 during tutorial on Monday, 3/26 for a presentation on the program.
If you are even remotely curious you should come check it out.
Seriously, it's good stuff.


Kayla, Sophia, and Karla...congratulations on having your set of designs selected by your peers as our soon to be Vans Custom Culture design entry.

The due date for finished shoes and uploaded pictures is April 13th, so you have your work cut out for you, but I know you can do it and I'm very excited to see the end result.

Great job!

Friday, March 9, 2012

Museum Juried Show

As I have been discussing with you, the Los Gatos Art Museum has done away with showing strictly local LGHS art in their space. They have been altering the scope of the exhibition over the past three years and have made vast changes for this year.

The show is now a juried high school art show around a specific theme and is open to any high school art student in Santa Clara County.
The theme is "Social Matters."
More specifically, I have been told that students are being asked
"to depict visually a social issue that affects or is important to them.”

There are some specifics that you should know about on the Social Matters site found here,
and on the FormsCentral site, here, that you should know about. 

There are calendar issues/dates that you need to be aware of that I will post on the class calendar.
(note, some of these dates are confusing to me at this point and I am seeking clarification) 

Additionally, I am requiring all of my Art 3/4's to participate in this endeavor. 
Art 1's, it is strictly extra credit - though we can work it in to your study drawings as well.  
Art 2's, well...the jury is still out :) I haven't quite figured this out as it pertains to you. We'll discuss.

Here is some of the brainstorming ideas that came out of 5th period yesterday when thinking about social issues:
contraception, drug war, self image, racism, environment/environmentalism, unemployment, religion, peer pressure, police brutality, agism, sexism, stereotyping, cancer, health care, depression, poverty, death penalty, meat industry, suicide, assisted suicide, gay marriage, stress, drunk driving, underage drinking/smoking, abortion

Obviously this is not a complete list, but it is something to get the brain waves a-workin'.

Oh, did I mention they are giving MONEY away as awards? Yes, they are. Read about it on the site. 
It ain't chump change. For real.

Tuesday, March 6, 2012


Reminders of some upcoming Due Dates...and stuff:

Today - Art 3's Oil Painting Due
3/8 - 3 & 4's, 2 study drawings due
3/12 - 1's, 3 study drawing sketches due
3/12 - 4's Acrylic Due
3/13 - Academy of Art presentation in the Career Center during tutorial
3/14 - 1's Imagined Landscape due
3/14 - 1's 3-5 black and white photos due (high quality - as in, forget the library has a printer)
3/15 - 2's 3 study drawings due
3/16 - vans drawings due
3/26 - JumpstArt presentation in room 502 during tutorial

As always, please keep checking the class calendar on the class website to stay up to date.

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Vans Designs Deadline

The due date for the vans designs is officially set for March 16. That's a Friday, and I highly suggest you read all posts about the contest on the blog.
No late design submissions will be accepted.

Vans Updates

Here's what happens when you actually read the rules...
meaning, there are new things I've gleaned about the Vans Contest I need to share with you.

Each of the four styles of shoe needs to be designed;
Each sneaker style must be devoted to each theme;
Themes = art, music, action sports, local flavor;
All 4 themes must complement or relate to one another (teamwork, anyone?) so as to form a single message/statement...

That is a lot to do with the creation of the pieces/designs/shoes...there is more, bit we'll get to that later.