Monday, August 27, 2018


Art 1's:

I won't always write to tell you stuff like this since you should be getting in the habit of checking Canvas on a regular basis yourself, but it is the beginning of the year so I'd like to make some exceptions when applicable.

I have looked at and assessed/commented on all the gesture/blind contour/contour drawings that were turned in.
Approx. 28-30% of you have assignments marked as incomplete.

It is your responsibility to fix this during tutorial and/or after school. Please do this asap and get what is needed back to me. I do not chase students down for these, but when grading periods roll around you need to have marks for everything in the gradebook that are not "incomplete".
If you are "incomplete" that is also what you will get for the grading period...which is not so ideal.

Again, see me at tutorial (if you come into tutorial during the last half on orange days you'll need to find me in room 502 - the advanced art room). Let me help you out and get you to where you need to be.

And while we are here, check your Screenshot/Upload and Engagement Sem 1 assignments and make sure you have the right photos in the right place there as well please.


Thursday, August 23, 2018

Hey Art 4's

I found out about THIS, so I decided to set myself up for a little fun with you Art 4 students. I mean, I miss spending time with you, so maybe we can get together if you aren't too busy.
Place: 501 - your long lost Art 1 room.
Time: tutorial - I'll be back in the room about five min after tutorial begins
Date: Tomorrow, Friday, 8/24

I have at least enough to get started.

I also know that not everyone is on this distribution list, so please share this blog link with the other Art 4 students in your class.

Happy almost Friday!

Sunday, August 19, 2018

Tues Tutorial for A3/A4 Students

If you would like a further explanation as to why I am not teaching Art 3 or Art 4 this year, please come to room 501 (the Art 1 room) during tutorial on Tuesday.
Or rather, please come soon after tutorial starts. I'll begin explaining around 9:50 or so.

Thank you to those of you who came to see me last week. You helped make me quite happy at the beginning of this difficult transition.

Also, please please please share this time/place with others that are in Art 3 and Art 4. I am attempting to send this message out via Remind and Canvas, but I'm not 100% sure everyone will get it (esp several current Art 3's). I would love to see everyone just for the sake of my own joy!

See you soon. I hope you are having a relaxing weekend!