Saturday, August 29, 2009

On week one...

I'd say it was a successful week. A lot of drawing got done and a lot of supplies were given out.
In other words: Thank you to all of the parents who contributed financially to your son/daughter's art education. We do many cool things in class (granted, I am biased here) and your support does not go without notice.
Two reminders: if you haven't brought your funds as of yet, please do so (or speak with me); Art 3's need their sketchbook by the fourth week of school (yes, we will use them in class).

Due dates thus far:
Art 4 - Sept. 16th
Art 2/3 - Pencil Still Life Due before Labor Day weekend (that's this week)
As for study drawings - those will be due the last week of the grading period, so check the board for those dates (they are different than ever before because of block scheduling

I will have canvases for sale as the year progresses. And I have more sizes to choose from than just the 16" x 20" canvases you'll need for projects. There is a price list next to your study drawing list in class.

Notes on supplies:
I buy almost all of our supplies from Dick Blick Art Materials in IL.
If you need some supplies for yourself, University Art is a great place locally, but there are retail stores from Dick Blick (just called Blick Art Materials), too. I know there is one on Van Ness in San Francisco...but that's a pretty long way to drive for a tube of paint. But if you happen to be in the city...

I can't wait for more of the year to get under our belt, and can only hope that everything else we do goes as smoothly as week one!

And one last thing: I know nobody really enjoys the still life process, but stick with it. It can be a great learning tool if you allow it, and before you know it all of those bottles, tea kettles, bones and cloth will be behind you!

Friday, August 21, 2009


As the beginning of another year is now upon us, let me take a moment to welcome everyone to the initial lghsart blog post.
Officially, welcome! I'm expecting great things out of everyone this year, as usual, and am ready to get started.
As you should already know, we are moving to block scheduling this year, so each class will be 90 minutes in duration. This should provide us all with the opportunity to get further into our tasks in each period, but also allow for a bit more variety in terms of what we do throughout the year.
My goal for this blog is mostly as a forum to update everyone on events that I announce/post in class - but might get forgotten or not have the information reach home. I get really busy throughout the year with teaching and committee duties, but I will try and put updates out every couple of weeks.
They could be long and rambling, as this one is, or short and to the point. If there is ever a question, definitely email me at and I will get to you as soon as I can.
Two big things before I sign off so I can enjoy my weekend...
One - I will be sharing the Art I duties with Mrs. Christie this year. So an official welcome to her as she shares her talents not just with the sculpture students, but with the drawing/painting students, too.
Two - As usual, the materials cost will be due this first week of school. The sooner you can bring it in, the better. If there are any questions concerning this, please email me.
For now I'll sign off with a quote from a very influential 20th century German artist, Joseph Beuys: "Everyone is an artist."