Thursday, November 15, 2012

New New New Stuff

I am so happy to have worked with Ms. Pearson (of leadership and history fame) to have designs that some of the Art 2 and Art 3 students hand drew on some apparel in the student store. I will attach some pictures and details below, but a big pat on the back goes to Clair Farmer, Grace Hur, Serena Kang and Mary Stone. Way to go, you all rock!

There will be a sale on Friday, Nov. 30th at tutorial, lunch and after school in the main hall outside of the Guidance Office.
Normal hours to buy the items will be Tues and Thurs during tutorial in the student store.
If you can't make it to school feel free to send some dollars and information about what you want to school with your student to pass along to me and I will make sure you get what you want.

Why am I finally offering all of this up?
Good question and thank you for asking.

A portion of the profits from the gear the art students have designed comes back to benefit the art program, one.
Two, Ms. Pearson and her leadership students have put a lot of energy into getting some really great pieces into the store and the proceeds from those items go to help benefit the school as a whole.

Plus, I know you just want you some LG gear. All the cool kids are wearing it. Mostly.
And...the holidays are coming up and you know you know or know someone who knows someone who may or may not want something LGHS related. For real.

Here are the pictures of the pieces the students have designed.

Design by: Claire Farmer
Item: Super soft 1/4 zip black sweatshirt
Price: $40


 Design by: Mary Stone
Item: Short sleeve black T
Price: $15


Design by: Serena Kang
Item: Women's V neck black T
Price: $18
(this item is printed on both sides; paw print on front; text on back)

Design by: Grace Hur
Item: Long sleeve white T
Price: $20 
Note: It is very possible I mixed the prices of the last two items up. I am human, I make mistakes. But at some point the real prices will be listed on the student store website so I'm not exactly heartbroken over it.

Basically, please buy stuff from the store; please buy stuff from the art students. They work hard and are so very talented and it would make them feel amazing to have their designs desired.
Your pocketbooks make us all happy.

Also, if we're speaking of gifts, don't forget to check the Society6 shop Studio 502 has online, too. There will be some new items added within the next month, too, so keep checking back.