Thursday, February 26, 2015

Art 4 daily Drawing for 2/26

Look at these cute felines:

For your daily drawing today I want you to recreate this project in your sketchbook in your sketchbook.

Cutting out cat heads from magazine pages without drawing then out first, and then use a marker (or marker type object) to add the features so it actually looks like a cat. 
Then use the rubber cement, glue sticks, or scotch tape to paste them in a page of your sketchbook.

You will need a page or two from a magazine (I have a pile of them ready for you), some scissors, a sharpie or other marker, and some rubber cement or a glue stick.

How many can you create in 15 minutes? Go!

Monday, February 23, 2015

A Little Something for the Juniors Out There

One day, probably soon, your parents will start bugging you about college.
I've seen over the past 4-5 years how the manifestation of this application process has sort of spiraled out of control. Meaning, y'all get way more stressed out than you need to, and your peers and parents don't help.
Short truth, you will all get in to college.
Maybe not your first choice, but my almost automatic response to "Why do you want to go there?" is, simply, "Why?"

"Because it's a good school" is usually the response, and that is a terrible response, so my next question is almost always, "But is it a good school for YOU?"

Maybe not.
And that's ok. Really. Trust me.

I think this article by Scott Anderson is fantastic. He is a Senior Director at The Common Application, so he might be familiar with the process after all.

Let's cheers to no working yourselves up too much next fall!

Monday Warm Up

Art 2's, welcome back.
We'll start our time together by getting the ol' arm moving quickly.

Step 1: Set your timer for five minutes and draw the following image on a fresh page of your sketchbook (orient your sketchbook horizontally please).

Step 2: Set your timer for another five minutes and draw the following image on the same page as the above quail in your sketchbook.

Step 3: Set your timer for two minutes and create a "conversation" between the two fowl.

Step 4: Smile. You are done.

Monday, February 9, 2015

Art 4 Daily Drawing for the week of 2/9

What does 45 mins of solid drawing look like?
At this point in your studies it should be pretty significant. You should be able to get a lot of high quality work done as you have a lot of practice under your belt.

This week you will work on the same image for the first 15 minutes of class all three times I see you. My expectations are that the drawing not only be accurate in proportion but also in things such as value and texture.

Begin with the children and what they are holding/using, and work from there. The points for these three days will be based off the progress and product both.

Thursday, February 5, 2015

Art 4 Daily Drawing for 2/5

Last time you drew one of the two pictures in THIS POST from 2/3. You should have been focused on getting an accurate image and one with clean lines without getting to any (or maybe very little) shading.

This time I want you to take the OTHER photo and incorporate the head/face of that person as an addition to the head/face of the drawing you did on Tuesday.

Please use pencil again, and focus on accuracy of proportion, line, shape, etc. before beginning shading.
Yes, it will look strange. That's the point - to get you to expand what you think of as a portrait.

If you have time to begin shading, perfect, but approach that slowly - as you would a more finished piece.

Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Art 4 Daily Drawing for 2/3

Below you will find two photographs by the amazing Irving Penn. If you don't know his work - well, you probably do but don't realize it - you should look it up with the above link.

I want you to choose one of the photographs and begin to reproduce it as accurately as possible in pencil only.
At first focus on line. Don't worry about shading until you have your lines/shapes finished. We will be spending more than one day on this drawing so don't try to rush through and "finish" in one 15 minute session.

Just think about the figure in this exercise. I don't care so much about the background, and intentionally picked images with, basically, nothing there. Cheers.