Monday, May 21, 2018

Daily Sketchbook 5/21

Before and After.
Go get your tub of supplies, put it down on the floor and take a photo of exactly what it looks like right now :)
Next, take the time to clean everything and get it ready to turn in (or at least as much as you can get done in 20-ish minutes.
Take another photo of your clean and organized tub.
Finally, upload those to Canvas for your daily sketchbook for today.

As a treat for me, you could put them both on one canvas in an app (procreate or the like) so that I can see the before and after at once. That would be nice.

After we are finished with this we will work on a follow up for the Process Self Portrait Project and discuss the rest of the week.

If you finish significantly before everyone else, draw in your sketchbook instead of just socializing or sitting there, please.

Thursday, May 17, 2018

Daily Sketchbook 5/17

Those antlers. Give me a sloth hanging from them somewhere/somehow.
Smile. Enjoy.

Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Daily Sketchbook 5/15

We will start today's image, and then add to it on Thurs., for now just draw some deer antlers.
You can use the ones below, or find your own, but begin right away.
Don't wait to plug in to your music or spend this time catching up with your peers please. Just begin.
I'm less interested in the texture at the bottom, or any shading, than the overall shape for now. But in truth the shape shouldn't take long, and then you can begin adding values.
Use pencil only for this.

Wednesday, May 9, 2018

Daily Sketchbook 5/9

A have a handout for you as a follow up from Monday, so after that is completed, please photograph that and upload that photo for your d.s. and then give me the handout.

Monday, May 7, 2018

Daily Sketchbook 5/7

Our d.s. today is the scheduled Gallery Walk of I.P. pieces from this semester. Please follow the directions on the board and I will begin passing out the necessary handouts.
The more we work together on this the faster it will go and the more time you will get for your project, so please help police each other and help get everyone on the same page as quickly (and quietly) as possible.
I'll be ready when you are.

As a side note, the 2's def had some issues following the directions on Friday, so hopefully you will be more on top of it today :)

Thursday, May 3, 2018

Daily Sketchbook 5/3

Last time you should have gotten a decent start on the egret.
Did you work on it yesterday even though you weren't required to upload any sort of update?
Did you work on i.p. instead?

Today I want you to add some colored pencil to the negative space.

Maybe it is mostly monochromatic and blending in value from light to dark?
Maybe it is proportionally appropriate stripes of contrasting colors adjacent to one another?
Maybe it is a rectangle of color somehow?

Just pick a color or two and go. Don't think too much. Do make it visually interesting.
Remember, this isn't a "finished" piece. We are just experimenting.

Also, remember the expectation is that you are starting within just a few moments of the bell ringing in order to be efficient with your time :)

Tuesday, May 1, 2018

A3/A4 Due Date Update

Further important reminders for my lovely A3/A4 students...

You need to have all of your independent practice pieces from the entire semester here by the end of this week (ending 5/4). We will be using them for peer feedback soon!

Don't forget your drop dead due date deadline of 5/11. Any past due work, do-overs, adjustments, etc. need to be turned in on or before that date. Of course, the earlier the better.

Your "last" I.P. piece is due on 5/11.
Notice how this date lines up with the drop dead due date deadline...this is the end of turning in anything except for our current project and the daily sketchbook.

Your Process Self Portrait is due on 5/17.
Since this is after the 5/11 drop dead due date deadline (have I repeated this enough for you yet?) you will not be permitted to turn this project in past the due date. You have what you have on the due date, and that is what will be assessed.

The super fun awards lunch is on 5/23. 
I just sent out the date to your parents on 4/30, so gently remind them and ask if they are bringing anything to contribute to the lunch :)

We will be creating an Adobe Spark Page portfolio to address and showcase the work you have been doing, so if you wanted to get started on that, nobody will stop you.

By the 17th you need to have all of the supplies that have been checked out to you for the semester here so that they are prepared to be cleaned (if they aren't already) and turned in.

Daily Sketchbook 5/1

We will begin today with the below image - one random bird from the natgeo instagram page from ages ago.
We will also continue to work on this on Thursday (to get even more practice at building up one image over time) in class, but more directions for that will follow at a later time.

Since we are also at the beginning of May, I want to throw a few more things out there, so please read carefully.

We are all, I'm sure, ready for summer. The truth is that we have many weeks of school left in us. With that said, I want to reiterate that in an ideal world, you are working on independent practice pieces as your daily sketchbook on those days that we don't have class. As I have reminded you many times, this makes this kind of a two-for-the-price-of-one kind of a deal.

However, I will not be requiring you to submit a daily sketchbook for non-class-meeting days for the next few weeks. When we are ready to pick this back up again, I will let you know. The hope is that it gives a wee bit of relief, but the hope is also that you have that daily practice instilled and that you keep drawing/working for a minimum amount of time each day - you just don't need to document/upload for non-class days after today.

We will keep doing the daily sketchbook in class though, so make sure you get started each and every day as soon as you come in the room!