Tuesday, May 1, 2018

A3/A4 Due Date Update

Further important reminders for my lovely A3/A4 students...

You need to have all of your independent practice pieces from the entire semester here by the end of this week (ending 5/4). We will be using them for peer feedback soon!

Don't forget your drop dead due date deadline of 5/11. Any past due work, do-overs, adjustments, etc. need to be turned in on or before that date. Of course, the earlier the better.

Your "last" I.P. piece is due on 5/11.
Notice how this date lines up with the drop dead due date deadline...this is the end of turning in anything except for our current project and the daily sketchbook.

Your Process Self Portrait is due on 5/17.
Since this is after the 5/11 drop dead due date deadline (have I repeated this enough for you yet?) you will not be permitted to turn this project in past the due date. You have what you have on the due date, and that is what will be assessed.

The super fun awards lunch is on 5/23. 
I just sent out the date to your parents on 4/30, so gently remind them and ask if they are bringing anything to contribute to the lunch :)

We will be creating an Adobe Spark Page portfolio to address and showcase the work you have been doing, so if you wanted to get started on that, nobody will stop you.

By the 17th you need to have all of the supplies that have been checked out to you for the semester here so that they are prepared to be cleaned (if they aren't already) and turned in.

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