Thursday, May 3, 2018

Daily Sketchbook 5/3

Last time you should have gotten a decent start on the egret.
Did you work on it yesterday even though you weren't required to upload any sort of update?
Did you work on i.p. instead?

Today I want you to add some colored pencil to the negative space.

Maybe it is mostly monochromatic and blending in value from light to dark?
Maybe it is proportionally appropriate stripes of contrasting colors adjacent to one another?
Maybe it is a rectangle of color somehow?

Just pick a color or two and go. Don't think too much. Do make it visually interesting.
Remember, this isn't a "finished" piece. We are just experimenting.

Also, remember the expectation is that you are starting within just a few moments of the bell ringing in order to be efficient with your time :)

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