Wednesday, February 27, 2013

El Gato Submission

You are awesome and creative and should share that information with your peers.
El Gato (the school newspaper) is giving you the opportunity.

If you need help taking pics, please ask for it.

Here is the info that was passed along to me for me to pass along to you.

El Gato's student life section is accepting art, poetry, and post-secret submissions today and tomorrow. Thursday at the absolute latest! You can submit it anonymously or not to an el gato staff member, drop it by room 506, or submit electronically to or

Take advantage.


Vans Custom Culture

It is that time of year again, and I just received our four pairs of pristine white vans shoes in the mail.

We have until the beginning of April to create and produce designs for the themes: Art, Music, Action Sports, and Local Flavor on the four pairs of shoes and then get pics of them uploaded to the internet.

You can see more about the competition, as well as past winners on the Vans Custom Culture site here.

If you have questions please let me know.  You can pick up shoe templates from me to sketch out your ideas and then I will go through a voting process with the students to determine who will actually paint the shoes.


Monday, February 11, 2013

Extra Credit Opportunities

I have decided that there are two upcoming opportunities for you to earn extra credit for class.
They both involve making art because, well, this is an art class.
Also because Black Ops or Mario Kart can wait. Really.

So here are the details...

#1 Los Gatos Ballet
 A dance themed drawing or painting. If you want to do something ballet themed that would be even better. If you wanted to use as a source image an image from a dancer at Los Gatos Ballet you can go to Doug Speidel's portfolio of LG Ballet dancers/dances here and check some out.
I have to know by MARCH 1ST if you are creating a piece for this, what the media is, and what the size is.
Really, I think it would be best to keep the images 16x20 or smaller.
They need to be good pieces and not just a semi-decent study drawing type pieces, just fyi. If I'm giving extra credit and you are putting it out there in public I just need you to recognize that you are helping put a "face on" the LGHS Art Department through your efforts.

The auction itself is on March 23rd, and I have to have the piece before March 22nd.
Yes, I need to know by Mar. 1st if you are doing a piece for LG Ballet, but you don't have to have the piece finished until the middle of March.

#2 Los Gatos Art Museum
For the second year in a row the LG Art Museum is hosting a county wide competition for high school students.
The theme is Art + Tech + Culture. They are asking about the effects of technology in our lives.

For example:
"Your artwork might be created using new media technologies - computer graphics, robotics, animation - the sky is the limit"
"Your observations about the impacts of technology in our lives are equally relevant, both globally and individually.  What is the impact of technology in education, here and in developing countries? What are the issues surrounding compromised privacy?"
"How has technology affected social behavior? What is the new etiquette?"

You can get more information at the Museums of Los Gatos website here for more complete information and a list of due dates.
The first date you really need to be aware of is March 22nd, as that is the date you need to have a photo of your piece emailed to the museum.

I need to have proof that you are finished with this piece and have emailed it to the museum so you need to make sure that you cc me on the email. You should know my email address, but just in case you are feeling to lazy to look it up, it is:

P.S. You need to appropriately photograph your piece in order to put your best foot forward. This includes setting the correct exposure and white balance. I can help with this.