Monday, March 25, 2013

Money + Monte Cristo

As I've stated in class, there is the opportunity for you to design the image for the fall play that LGHS will perform.
The play will be The Count of Monte Cristo, and below is the info you need to know.

Author: Alexandre Dumas
Adapted by: Charles Morey

Here is the image that Mrs. Martyn has found for you to use as inspiration.

Notice that the image of the buoy in the middle in the page is what your illustration should be similar to. It will obviously be a different image, but the "simplified" use of shape, line, value, and color are what she is interested in.
Take your ideas from the content of the play itself and remember to not over complicate this.

You can do the text, too, but that can also be done on the computer.
In terms of text, it should/will say:

Coming Soon
Los Gatos High School 2013
(these top two lines above the image area (in the above example, this is the text above the black rectangle)
Alexandre Dumas'
Count of Monte Cristo
(these two lines within the "black rectangle" but above the image itself)

You do not have to include a black background as that should be determined by the way you illustrate your design.

Here is a synopsis of the book/play:
"Betrayal, obsession, and redemption provide the backdrop for this compelling adaptation of Alexandre Dumas' classic novel. While unjustly imprisoned, Edmond Dantes befriends a neighboring inmate who bequeaths him an enormous treasure. Dantes eventually escapes and returns to society disguised as the Count of Monte Cristo with plans to enact his revenge on those who betrayed him.  But as Dantes becomes increasingly consumed with his quest for vengeance, he finds himself losing his humanity and any hope of reconciling with the love of his life.

If you have any questions you can as Mrs. Martyn or myself.
I need to know by spring break if you are planning on creating an image in the above style for this.

You can, remember, benefit in two ways: first, you can get $60 from her if your design is chosen; second, you can use this image as one of your study drawings for me.
The image will be due around the first week of May.

Monday, March 4, 2013

Senior Spirit Week Help

You creative folks are in high demand for the hall decorations for spirit week.
See Olivia Flechsig, Casey Heyl or Taylor Unger for information about the decorating at Casey's house each Sat and Sunday.
Or you can email

for more information.