Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Pre-Final, Art 3 & Art 4H

Before we begin the brunt of our final project I want you to quietly and on your own answer the questions you can find HERE. They should be straightforward but if you have questions please let me know.
If you are in Art 3, please read THIS POST for directions on what to do today.
If you are in Art 4, please continue working on the drawing you started on Monday.

For both groups, you will not be turning in a photo of your assignment once you are finished, but you do need to:
1) work for the remainder of the period and be as productive on the drawing as possible
2) know that you are not finished until I end the drawing and/or the bell rings
3) turn in a drawing project to me

Monday, December 14, 2015

Final, Fall 2015

Personal significance and meaning go a long way in the making of art. To be sure, once you have developed to a certain level of skill - which is what we work so much on in class, the things that will help you over the long term are the ideas.
What is it that you will create? How will you create it? Where does your vision lead?

I want you to think about something that is significant to you.
(Maybe you phrase this as something that is important or inspiring to you?)

This is what I want you to draw on the paper provided you.

Now, you may need to do some brainstorming first, but I also want to let you know about some of the constraints I will be enforcing.

First, you can only use the one sheet of paper provided.
Second, this is a drawing project.
Third, you must begin with pencil.
Fourth, you may not use any sort of electronic device to aid your drawing process at any point during class.
Fifth, you must sit at a different table and with some different students than you have been sitting with for the last several weeks.
Sixth, I retain the right to change, add, or subtract any constraints at any time.

You will leave this drawing with me before you leave your finals period, and your grade will be based upon the effort, effectiveness, and outcome of the final piece.

Apropos of nothing, I will leave you with this image. I found it by absolute happenstance, but as far as I can tell, Alexander McQueen had something to do with the creation.

Oh, and if you've been the good student and read this far, I really think you should read THIS before you do anything else. Then after that you'll find the other hyperlinks in this post of interest to you.