Tuesday, August 20, 2013

...about being an artist

Things I wish someone had told me about being an artist
I see some great stuff on this site, and it confirms what I already think so regularly it's almost scary.
For example...

Friday, August 2, 2013

Some insight/thoughts on all that is AP

Here is another article I found through the interwebs of KQED.

If you have had conversations with me as a student, you know I have some strong opinions about how some academic situations are handled. 
In short, I think - overall - that too many of you are taking too many AP classes and that some adults (uh, parents...sometimes) put too much pressure on you to do more more MORE.

I get it. Really.
My kids were a product of many of the AP classes here at LG. Most of them were good classes. Not all, but most. There were some very good experiences had.
Even as it states towards the end of the article, these classes can sometimes be way better than to be bored to tears in a "regular" class.

But this depends on the subject and the student combined - along with other factors.

Bottom line, they aren't for everybody. But even broader than that, I truly don't believe they really benefit students in the way most people think and want them too.

If you could only hear the teachers bemoan about the quantity of content they "have" to cover. Frustrating, yes. And you wonder why your workload is so vast.

Legitimate quantity isn't bad. Practice is good.
But isn't depth just as important? Or curiosity? Or self-directed learning? Or...

At any rate, for now I will cease my rambling so that you can read this:

New Report Challenges Beliefs About the Value of AP Classes

It isn't very long, so treat yourself.

Great Video About a Bay Area Artist

In the Studio with Meryl Pataky | KQED Arts

Saw this great little interview while searching for an interview I had heard on Forum recently. Very interesting/cool, and from a local one.
Check it out.