Thursday, September 30, 2010

NYT Drawing Series v2

Another great article from the NYT drawing series can be found right here


Great New Series from the NYT

Check out this link from a new drawing series of columns from the New York Times
(I'll try to post all new links, but check their site on Fridays in case I miss one)

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Study Drawings

Some reminders about due dates:
Art 2/3
do 6 study drawings from the list provided the first day of class
complete them on separate sheets of paper, not in your sketchbook
turn them in in your large portfolio
use the topic sheet as your labels
write on the labels which set they are for, and which s.d. they are
(example: set 1 , #2)
put them in numerical order when turning them in

Art 4
do 5 study drawings from the list provided the first day of class
pretty much follow the rest of the above directions

It is a VERY GOOD idea to do preliminary work for your study drawings (sketches, lists, etc.) in your sketchbook. Even though it is not part of your study drawings, I will be collecting and grading them in the very near future. It is very much about QUANTITY that you have done in that book. Have fun with it, but work in it as much as you can.

Due Dates for Study Drawings
Art 3/4 Oct. 4th
Art 2 Oct. 5th

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Another Great Start

Wow! Another year has begun already ... and begun on such a positive note for all of the adv. art classes. Let's keep up the great work and diligence!

As a reminder(s): don't forget the materials cost asap.

Art 2: $85
Art 3: $20
Art 4: $20

We will be using our sketchbooks with much more consistency this year, so make sure to have them in class every day. I can tell you for certainty that they will get used both this week and next - especially for the Art 3/4 students, so make sure you come to class prepared.
As always, if you have any questions, let me know.