Wednesday, December 20, 2017

Parting Thoughts For Fall Semester Art 3 and Art 4 Students

Some of you know that I have been awake a lot lately. Mainly I have been awake at 3-4am thinking about work, and unable to fall back asleep for at least 90 minutes.
This makes the mornings tough, but doable with an extra coffee.
What also helps in the mornings are the smiles I get from you as you walk in the door. Well, at least from most of you since some of you are still wake up mode yourselves.
What also helps is when you are "on it" and producing interesting work.

But why have I been waking up lately? As far as I can tell it is because of you - and I only sort of say that in a tongue in cheek kind of way.

I have given the opportunity to redo and rework so much this semester (which some of you have taken positive advantage of), and that leaves literal piles of work that I still need to wade through.
Those piles weigh on me because of the expectations that go along with them from your point of view. Or at least that is my perception, but you can inform me of otherwise if necessary.

To tie two points from above together, today the magic number was 3am and the primary word on my mind has been opportunity.
My guess is that all of this is there since I was finally able to get to most of the Art 3 and Art 4 Portfolios yesterday. In short, they were not as strong as I was expecting. Yes, there were some standouts, just not many.

You were given the opportunity to showcase your work.
You were given the opportunity to use a format that is easily shareable.
You were given the opportunity to be creative in any way you best saw fit within a given resource.
You were given the opportunity to create this piece over time so you could play around with it.
You were given the opportunity to use class time to create this culminating piece.

What I think really happened for most of the Art 3 and Art 4 students is that this project was looked at as a task to complete. Not much more and not much less.
More along the lines of "Did I do it?" or "Did I include everything?".

I also need to remind you that it is your responsibility to make sure things are actually submitted. This is your education, not mine and not that of your parents or peers. You need to take control and own it yourself.
Show me that you are owning your own education.

Do you remember one of my big points from earlier in the semester, effort is the expectation, not the exception.
I am adding to that now - and for next semester, Doing the minimum does not earn an "A".

Please ask yourself, in the realm of a letter grade (which you know I would get rid of if I could, but I cannot), what is "average"?

When I think of other elements here at the end of the semester, I also think about finals performance. This, in turn, makes me think about the doing of "the minimum" as mentioned above.
All Art 3 and Art 4 students had the opportunity to create (nearly) anything they wanted using an extremely vast trove of possible starting points. Remember, these starting points were all created by you, the creator of the piece.
It is true, I did give certain limitations (such as time), but you had a lot you could have done within my limited constraints.

Some of the pieces were very interesting.
Some of the pieces were definitely trying to meet the minimum and not much more.
Some of the pieces didn't even meet the minimum.

Do you feel you will create close to your best work when you try to take the easiest route possible?
I'm not sure why one would intentionally try to come up with the least action showing "verb" possible, but I guess that's for another conversation on another day.

There is a ton of possibility in periods two and four. I have seen it over the years.
There is a ton of really good work and growth that has come from those class periods this semester.
I look forward to next semester.
I look forward to it because of who you are as individuals.
I look forward to it because of what you have the potential to make.
I look forward to it because of what you have the ability to make.

I hope you look forward to next semester as well.

Happy New Year!


Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Daily Sketchbook 12/13

Please continue working on your I.P. that is due on Friday.

If you feel like you are totally done and it is rad, art in some other way in your sketchbook for today.

Monday, December 11, 2017

Daily Sketchbook 12/11

There is one more Independent Practice due this semester. Since it is your last one and there is no time for a late piece, make it an exceptional one. Most of us could "make up" for something less than stellar earlier in the semester so this is a way to really show off something great. You shouldn't have waited until now to get started, but just in case you did, here is some time to make some headway.
Also, I encourage you to use Tues. and Thurs. daily sketchbook time for this endeavor as well.

Sunday, December 10, 2017

What You Should Remember

We are nearing the end of the semester, and one thing I would say most of you "want" - besides no school and some ice cream (yes, you are supposed to laugh at that) - is an "A" in as many of your classes as you can get.
I get it.
I was once in your shoes.
But looking back I also know that I didn't always put enough energy forth to respectfully attain that mark.

Have you?

Remember, there is nothing wrong with something lower than an "A". It won't prevent you from getting into a "good" school, it won't prevent you from being happy, it won't prevent you from being successful.
If anyone is telling you anything contrary to the above sentence, well, they are wrong.

Some would probably mince their words and not be so definitive in a statement, but I know this to be true.
Experience, time, research, conferences, and conversations all point to me being correct. Actually, it isn't really me being correct, just me saying what others have found to be true to you in this format.

There is more than one way to skin a cat. You know the saying already though.

Please, as we finish the semester, keep up the hard work, start working harder, or...don't. I can't determine your actions for you, but I can tell you that it is expected that you do the right thing, and in my rooms that means creating.

Don't be disrespectful or distracting.
Don't demand (or even request) an "A" for an assignment or term if you haven't done the appropriate work.
It should be clear what the goals and objectives for each assignment are, and it should be no surprise that you are expected to show growth over time.

If you haven't turned everything in for the semester for projects and independent practice (Art 2, 3, 4) or for your projects and sketchbook (Art 1), you should come see me during tutorial or after school so we can talk.
Even if you have turned it all in, but at least some of it was late and/or a re-do, it would be wise of you to begin checking in with me later in the week to make sure I have no questions, and I have everything documented and accounted for appropriately.

There will be work that all of you are expected to turn in during finals time, so make sure that you are appropriately working, appropriately following the prompt, turning it in, and finishing the semester strong.
Oh, yes, you need to be present during finals.  Yes, you also need to be on time. Again, end the semester strong. I know you can, I just hope you will choose to.

And follow my note to self: breathe, it's almost the end.

Thursday, December 7, 2017

Daily Sketchbook 12/7

Remember the drawing from Tuesday?
I want you to set yourself up to do the same thing, but pick a different person's shoes to draw.
If it was me I would draw on a different scale and on a new layer so that there is some overlapping and visual interest, but that's me.
Use the same pencil took in Procreate as well, please.
Please save as a jpg just like last time.

Tuesday, December 5, 2017

Daily Skethbook 12/5

Get yourself set up with the "pencil" option in Procreate on an 8x10" canvas.

Situate yourself so that you can see a peer's shoes (no sandals or Ugg type boots please), and begin to draw one or both of them. I'm more interested in specifics than in being "done" in 15 minutes (which you won't be).

When your time is up make sure you export your drawing as a jpg and upload it for your daily sketchbook.

Alternatively: if you know you are redoing an ind. pract. from earlier in the semester, you can get some work done on that since the last day to turn that in is Fri., 12/8. You must, though, let me know - in a complete sentence - that what you are doing is a redo, AND let me know the topic of the redo, as a "message instructor" in this assignment in the Canvas app.

Monday, December 4, 2017

"Last Week" Parent Update

I know what you're thinking: "I"m glad it's December. That means this guy is almost finished sending out so many updates for the semester!"
Don't worry, I feel similarly.

Overall, I am excited about the end of the semester as I have seen a lot of growth coming out of the studio, and most of my students will be presenting a digital portfolio of their work that I am excited to see compiled in one place.

With that said, this is "the" week. This Friday is Dec. 8th, and all the students have known for quite some time that this is the last week to turn in any late and/or missing and/or do-over work for the semester.
Yes, that's right, even if it was something left incomplete or not done from two months ago I'll take it and give them a new assessment if they have done the work (and it deserves it).

This gives me one last week before finals to get this work in the gradebook and have any final conversations with the students as necessary. Now, this all needs to be done on top of finishing our end of the semester assignments.

My request is for you to please take the time to ask how your offspring is doing in class, what they are up to for projects, etc. We are wrapping things up, but there are some good topics at hand.
(Art 1's are starting a painting that is about culture and Art 2's are ending a big oil painting, for example.)

If you have any questions I am available, but in terms of grades, those questions should be initiated by the students. I still have quite a few incomplete things from many students so I'm hoping they take advantage of the time they have had to do more work (if needed). I would also encourage you to look at any comments in the gradebook if there is something that doesn't make sense to you - especially look at any sketchbook (for Art 1) or independent practice (for Art 2, 3, 4) comments as there are still big final grades that are not due as of yet in those categories.

Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Daily Sketchbook 11/29

The month is almost over, so let's squeeze in our Artist of the Month. Meet me at my table to get the handout for Ai Weiwei.

Monday, November 27, 2017

Daily Sketchbook 11/27

Hopefully you looked at the next Independent Practice topic after I messaged you yesterday.
Today I am giving you the chance to begin on your piece that is due on Friday. The topic, "a detailed house plant".
This should be pretty interesting, and should be more than just the plant itself, right? (hint hint)

Have fun, the media choice is yours.

Monday, November 20, 2017

Art 1: Your First Painting

I will try to keep this short, I promise.
But no promises.

I looked through all of the brainstorming pages and thumbnails that were turned in last week while sitting in my comfy blue chair in the living room on Sunday.
There are some good ideas, but some things that certainly need to be addressed.

-First, have you read through all of the notes and pages for the color theory unit (topic four) in Canvas? I can tell some of you have not.

-Let's go over some reminders in terms of best practices for composition. The below are in no particular order.

-Do not sit objects all on a line. Or along the bottom or edge of the paper. You don't want everything to look like it is flat and/or on one place of existence.

-Overlapping! Make things closer to us look bigger and have them cover up part of whatever it is that is in the background. Please. This adds visual interest and a sense of space/depth.

-Be aware of the angle of view. If we see the top of something we should probably not also see the side of something. Think about perspective and depicting a 3D box in space. We have drawn this before, and if you don't remember, have you thought about googling something? (not a huge deal with thumbnails, but sooner or later it matters)

-Would it be more interesting to combine more than one or two of your "cultures"? You do not have to focus on one thing.

-Speaking of that, your use of your cultures can come across in a lot of different ways. Could you include some things in your painting that are what you just like to paint or some things you think are just interesting? Again, you can put a lot of different things together. It makes it more interesting sometimes, and it gives you more stuff to put in your painting (and more places to put the painting requirements - more on that later).

-Does it help to think of other/similar words than "culture"? Maybe "heritage" or "identity"? These aren't necessarily interchangeable, but might help.

I know it can be strange making these tiny sketches, but it is a good exercise. Remember that the final piece is 14"x18". The small rough draft you will move on to next is 7"x9". Even that is quite a bit bigger.

We will talk about the technical requirements in class tomorrow - or next week.
Please also begin watching at least the "getting started" video in Canvas. I'm not sure we will have our paint out tomorrow, but maybe...

Lastly, please review the composition notes in Canvas as well as re-reading the above points again.

For real my last comment...
I know we all want to be on vacation mode tomorrow, but you really need to use the time to be productive and efficient (otherwise we will be hurting even more when we come back from break). If you are waiting for me to approve your thumbnails, work on your sketchbook for Ch. 3.

Daily Sketchbook 11/20

Make sure you are sitting across from a peer. It doesn't matter who it is, just make sure the two of you are facing one another. Grab your sketchbook and open it to the next available page. Have one of you set a timer for 5 minutes. Once the timer begins, do a blind contour of your peer/new bestie for the entirety of the time until the timer indicates you are finished.
Remember, go SLOW and DO NOT look at your paper while you are creating your masterpiece.
As always, when you finish please upload your image to Canvas and then continue working on your oil painting.

Friday, November 17, 2017

Effort is the Expectation, Not the Exception

Many people want to say something along the lines of, "I tried really hard", or "A for effort", or "I but my best effort forward".
I can't tell you how many times I have heard that from students, parents, colleagues, etc. over the years. And you know what? I get it.
I know from personal experience that sometimes this whole art thing is challenging. It might be the media, technique, content, whatever. Sometimes it's just the day - because we all know that some days are better than others.

But there are some problems with all of the above. First, I think there is the relative aspect we all need to consider.

What do I mean by that? Well, the easy part is what do you think should happen if you come in and I introduce something new to you and you try hard on it and you do a completely mediocre job on the creation of your piece? At the same time, what should happen if someone is sitting next to you, whether they have used that media before or not, and it just come naturally to them?
Should the first student get an A and the next student get a lower grade? Even if the second student has a project that looks better?

Yikes. Tough one, right?

Second, if I ask you to tear down a wall and you show up with a pocket knife, how much effort do you think that will take? Probably a lot. You might be working really really (REALLY) hard and it just doesn't work out very well, or very easy,  for you.
Do you think it would be easier if someone showed up with a sledgehammer?
Do you think that person would have to put more or less effort in than the person with a pocket knife? Is it the tool or the effort or the preparedness???

So what does effort even mean?

Would you walk in to your History class and argue over a grade on a test or essay because you did (what you feel is) poorly (and let's think about poorly being a C or lower in this case) and say that you should get an "A" because you tried really hard?
Would you understand if your teacher looked at you and said something to the effect of, "It may be true that you tried really hard, but you still answered the questions incorrectly. Why do you deserve an A if you answered so many incorrectly?"

What about if that happened in your Math class?

So why does this equivalent happen all the time in Art?

I want you all to know that there is nobody in this school, or likely community, that values the true effort that you put forth for this class as I do. I make art myself, and I have my own personal struggles with different techniques and media and content. I know what it's like to begin something that seems like a great idea and/or I am excited about, and an hour later to put down a mark that makes me instantly dislike the entire thing.

It's frustrating. In truth, it sorta just sucks. Nobody likes that feeling.
But we have to get over it. We have to push on. We can't wait for the conditions to be just right or for inspiration to flash or for everything to be perfect in order to accept the work we do. We just have to show up and do it. We just have to deal with the frustrations and conscientiously move forward.

As you know, I have been having you do quite a bit of self assessment so far this year. I have been doing quite a bit of asking you what you think you have earned on the projects.
Many times I have had to read something along the lines of "I worked really hard."

Honestly, though, why should that be a determiner of the grade?

I need you to be able to explain how that hard work has manifested itself. I need to know that you understand the learning objectives of the assignment and you are able to articulate how you have either met those learning objectives or made progress towards them.
We all have progress to make. I do not need you to be perfect. I know I am not perfect (and I'm pretty sure you would agree with me on that one).
I want you to be able to show evidence of the growth and learning you are making. You may not reach your goal(s) this week, but if you are putting forth that effort, you will be showing the growth.

As we move forward, think about your "effort" less and your understanding more. Yes, you should be putting forth a significant effort. Why wouldn't you? That is just the right thing to do.
Putting forth effort should be a given.

Effort is the expectation, not the exception (that should be rewarded).

Thursday, November 16, 2017

Daily Sketchbook 11/16

Last time you listened to at least part of a podcast and began drawing a van Gogh painting.
This time I'd like you to come get a pen from me and begin drawing the below van Gogh drawing. Please go straight to pen - no pencil sketching first, and start in the eye area.
Gradually work your way out from one eye and make the marks you make match the ones in the below drawing as closely as possible.
I have no problem if you want this drawing to share a page with the pencil drawing from last time - even if that means they overlap.
Please put in the same amount of time as last time, 13 min. (yes, I know you won't finish).

Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Daily Sketchbook 11/14

It's another art history day but I want you to follow a few directions.

Please read all of the directions before you begin.

  • First, you'll need to go to The Lonely Palette website and begin THIS VAN GOGH EPISODE and skip forward to the 3 min mark.
  • Next, set the timer for 13 minutes. (yes, I want each of you to set your own timer on your own ipad)
  • While you are listening to the first portion of this podcast, draw the first image* you see at the bottom of the page in your sketchbook 
  • Yes, you need to use headphones
  • When your timer goes off, take a photo of your drawing and upload it for your daily sketchbook
  • I would love for you to finish listening to this episode, but you can do that as you work on your painting as well
You do not need to listen to all 22 minutes of the episode, and I do not want you to take the entire episode length to draw and upload. However, I do want you to spend the above referenced 13 minutes to draw, so please get started asap and draw for the entire time until your timer goes off.
Smile. Art is fun.
Oh, sorry Sabine, I know you don't like her voice, but I do think it is an interesting podcast.

*I mean the below image

Thursday, November 9, 2017

Daily Sketchbook 11/9

Draw a can of sardines at least partially open. What is inside other than sardines?

Note: this is just the beginning of something that could turn into a larger/longer/prolonged page of exploration.

Wednesday, November 8, 2017

Initial Thoughts

As I sit here going through the self assessments you have all filled out the past two days, there are two main things that are sticking with me.

First, how can you have earned an "A" or "B" if you haven't turned in all of the work for the semester? How is this not an "I" (incomplete)?

Second, the following types of statements are not goals:
  • to finish my projects
  • to be happy with my projects
  • better time management
  • to get a good grade/to get an A
Question, how do you tell if you have met those "goals"?
For example, getting a good grade is not a goal. Getting a good grade is the end result from having met a goal.

Additionally, effort is relative. Trying hard does not make for an "A". You can put in a lot of work but not create any progress. But more on that another day.

Tuesday, November 7, 2017

Daily Sketchbook 11/7

Please grab a pencil (not a pen or marker of any sort) and your sketchbook. Bring these with your ipad and chair to the tables/space as near the white board as you can get.
Today's "d.s." is a bit different here at the end of the grading period. I will walk you through it.

Wednesday, November 1, 2017

Daily Sketchbook 11/1

Go back to Monday's topic and continue.
It should be, at this point, getting some black spaces filled, right?

Monday, October 30, 2017

Daily Sketchbook 10/30

Remember that page you put some watercolor on several days ago that you were asked not to draw on top of?
Great, go to the following page of German Expressionism woodcuts and choose a not too complex image to begin drawing on top of that watercolored page.
Ultimately I'll want you to fill in the black parts, but I don't expect that will happen today. Does that give you a clue as to what you'll be working on for Wed.? Great. Another continuation day!

Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Daily Sketchbook 10/26

You had one due last week, and you have one due next week. Please use today to work on your next independent practice piece.
Things to consider:
  • is there a media you feel you could still use some improvement in (pencil, p&i, watercolor, etc)
  • do you want to do a piece based off a previous d.s. topic so you can make it more refined/complex looking
  • do you want additional drawing from observation practice
  • do you want to do a series of three of pieces that are quite small but all go together
  • do you want to work on something larger than you usually do

Gradebook and ipad update for Art 2, 3, 4H

Afternoon y'all.

1. I forgot to mention this to 3rd period today, but it should serve as a good reminder to everyone...if you have any content on the ipads in class you need to make sure it is uploaded to your google drive account before lunch tomorrow (Thurs., 10/26) is over. There are a few that will be gone for a few days and will likely be set back to where they look like they are brand new. This means all content will get erased. Please make sure you have a backup of all of your images before this happens.

2. There are SO MANY HOLES in the grade book. I count nearly 20 people in Art 2 that have at least part of the content you are responsible for missing in the gradebook. More than 20 Art 3's are in the same boat. Art 4's, there are 12 of you.

I shouldn't have to chase you for this work as it's your education here. I have been leaving ample comments in Canvas and I have been giving you face-to-face reminders as well. You need to make sure that you are responsible.
For ex., Art 2's, you simply cannot even begin your next assignment without the prep work ahead of time, and you are already a week late on this expectation (if you don't know what I refer to pls check the gradebook). Some others of you are multiple weeks late on other content. Just because it may be marked as complete/incomplete instead of being given points doesn't mean it isn't necessary. Every single item needs to be paid attention to. That is the need in order for you to attain success and even pass the class, so do the right thing and don't make me keep reminding you. 

I need everyone to take the time to go through and check the different assignments in the gradebook and make sure you are up to date. Please.

Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Daily Sketchbook 10/24

First, watercolors.
Second, mix up a bevy of monochromatic colors in your palette.
Third, make sure they are not very dark (so add a decent amount of water).
Fourth, with your big brush, create a regular series of brush strokes (each one separate from the other(s)) across a single or double page spread.

Make sure to cover the entire space.

Do not put this on top of something else, and please do not draw on top of this until you are asked. This is a precursor to another activity later - which is why we don't want it to be that dark.

Fifth, if you have questions because you don't feel like the directions are clear, please ask.

Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Will You Take the Time...

I randomly found THIS VIDEO titled "Quit Social Media" on YouTube, and while I think the whole thing is interesting, if you want to cut some out, try starting at around the 7:30 mark. That should give you the best nuggets.
I think his views are a little extreme, but I know there are studies that back up some of the claims he is making.
Warning: he isn't a super dynamic speaker, but he isn't terrible either.

There are also some really interesting things discussed in THIS Time Magazine article about smartphones. I think there is a pretty decent job of not laying blame for anything, but it does make me think...especially in light of other things I have tried to share recently.

I just wanted to pass this information along in case you thought it was interesting.

Actually, now that I type this, I think I would begin with the article and check out the video second.
But maybe not.

Per the Perspectives Ideation

I was thinking about your brainstorming for the "perspectives" topic from NUMU and then I was leafing through a book from the de Young (a great museum in the city if you've never been) and I saw the below painting from Aaron Douglas.

I'd never heard of him before, and I quite like this painting. I enjoy how the composition is dynamic in its use of scale and color, and then I noticed the shapes that radiate out from the seated figure. Those are cool.
This may not be the ideal way for you to show off your painting skills for a large project like this since there is, essentially, no modeling of form, but the idea works quite well. Especially if you take the time to read the snippet from the book you'll see how there is a lot more going on in this image than meets the eye.

On p. 95, the following is said about the above piece (titled, Aspiration)
"During the 1920's, African Americans created a thriving culture of jazz, theater, literature, and visual art in New York/s Harlem district. Known as the Harlem Renaissance, this artistic explosion fostered a cultural community of people who set about celebrating the opportunities of modern urban life in a language that drew inspiration from their common heritages as people of African descent. Aspiration is one section of a four-part mural cycle that Douglas created for "Hall of Negro Life" at the 1936 Texas Centennial Exposition in Dallas. The cycle reflects the optimism among African Americans that lingered well after the halcyon days of the Harlem Renaissance. In this mural Douglas organizes his visual image of African heritage according to a highly rationalized, didactic scheme: the shackled hands reach up in a gesture that links them with the experience of slavery, while the monumental figures represent the transformation from forced labor to a community of modern workers inspired by leaders trained in literature, science, and engineering, as symbolized by the book, beaker, globe, and compass and right angle. As a further celebration of African heritage, Douglas uses and Egyptian inspired figure and the pictorial conventions of Egyptian representation, which combine frontal and profile images. In this way he unites the flattened, abstract language of avant-garde modernism with the visual vocabulary linked to ancient Egypt and, therefor, African origins."

I also like this image.
I want you to push how you think with your thumbnails and think about ideas and feelings and perceptions that you could convey. Even if you know you are doing a master oil copy, this is a good process to go through. Besides, it will help you think of ideas for Independent Practice and daily sketchbook pieces as we go through the year as well.

Monday, October 16, 2017

Re: Art 1 P & I work on 101/7

I wanted to share this so that my "intro" will be a little shorter tomorrow. First, before the nitty gritty, check out these two images I recently saw on Instagram. So fantastic. I'm sharing to show how something so simple looking can be so interesting. I really want you to zoom in on those and check out the hatch work - which I will demo this week. Pretty amazing stuff.

I also want to give you an option. If you have looked at the student examples that are online or that I had in class last week, you'll see that we are going to draw an object from observation. We will be executing this object three times using one technique at at time while using three separate techniques. I have a variety of objects for you to select from in class that I know work really well for this project. 
However, you have the option of bringing in something of your own. If you choose to do this there are a couple of requirements. It can't be too big, and it must be here every day that we are working on this project. If you have any questions please feel free to ask.
Bringing your own "thing" to draw isn't a requirement, I just like to give it so that you might find it easier to "connect" with the project itself. I have plenty of objects to choose from so don't worry about it if you don't want.
I do retain the right to veto an object. If I do this, please don't beg for an explanation as to why. I've seen some objects that look like they should be just fine turn out to be incredibly difficult and disastrous. I don't want that to happen to you.

What should happen on Tuesday in class?
  • continue working on your stipple value scale and sphere if they are not already finished
  • has yours gotten a little sloppy and/or should you have a do-over? (I have more worksheets if the answer is yes)
  • get a piece of printer paper from my desk to draw your object (it should be large-ish, but use the guides/examples in class to judge the approx size - remember that you have to fit three of it on the final piece of paper)
  • watch the hatch demo - I'll probably do this in 2 parts
  • begin working on your hatch value scale and sphere - practice on scratch paper first since you can't erase ink!
  • begin drawing out your chosen object in pencil on your printer paper - pay attention to all the stuff we've talked about all year like proportions and shapes and symmetry and ellipses, etc., etc.
  • work on sketchbook if there is time
What is due this week?
  • Ch 2 sketchbook check is Thurs.
  • finished value scales and spheres for hatch and stipple (the worksheet)
  • finished shape drawing of your chosen object

Let me know if you have any questions. I'm excited to see you tomorrow!
Note, other than reading this, you really don't "need" to do anything for tomorrow. I'm just trying to be open and give you options. Don't stress. No worries!

Daily Sketchbook 10/16 (and for 10/18)

Here is a two parter for you. Mostly to reinforce that you can build something quite interesting from small chunks of time, as small chunks gradually build up to something much more significant and complex.
Use the below image to create a portrait that is intermingling with nature.
It can be a straight copy of the below image, or you could utilize a different piece of plant, or you could use a different portrait (maybe yourself?!).
Note the media - ball point pen. You can do this, or not. It's up to you.
You might sketch out in pencil one day and add ink/shading the next, or you might go straight to ink and get it as close as possible.
Remember - esp if you are going straight to ink, it isn't about getting as much done in one sitting as possible, but paying attention to the character of the work that you are doing.

Thursday, October 12, 2017

Regarding your Chopped project

Hey all you wonderful Art 3's.
I have not "graded" your chopped project, and we will do some assessing/commenting in class before I do as such, but I did want to make a few comments after looking through the ones I received today.

First, some of you still don't have the control over your watercolor that would be most ideal. I know some of you feel the struggle with this medium, and because of that you avoid it. Ugh. You WILL NOT GET BETTER if you don't allow yourself to struggle with it, and then put in the continued and thoughtful time to do something in a different way.
Second, white. Very very few of you retained white paper for bright highlights in your pieces. I don't know how many times I have reiterated the need for contrast and value variety over the years, but I know it has been A LOT. If you look AT THESE paintings you'll see what I mean. Nothing about those pieces is special, but her use of white space makes all the difference.
Third, ink. It's hard to have too much stipple, and most of you didn't go far enough with that small pen. The same can be said for hatch. Now with that said, some of them have great uses of ink in some places, but taken as a whole I think there could be more.

You have some really fun ideas, but some more time would be beneficial. Are you willing to come in and add additional work to yours?

Daily Sketchbook 10/12

I'm taking today's challenge from a version of p. 88 of Tanner Christensen's book, The Creativity Challenge.

Your Challenge:
Spend up to 13 minutes thinking about why clocks look the way they do and drawing your best alternative to modern-day clocks.

Upload your sketch(es) when finished.

Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Daily Sketchbook 10/10

AOTM time.
Join me at my desk for all the goodness you know you are excited for.

Wednesday, October 4, 2017

Regarding your oil concepts

I know I was really frustrated after class on Monday, and I hope you understand where that frustration comes from. I know I am asking for a lot of ideas, but you all have ideas, and sometimes you are just overthinking it all. Sometimes, I'm telling you, you just need to get it out. You just need to be ok with sketching out what you know isn't good enough, because that's part of the process of getting to what IS good enough.

I was also disappointed today that there were a few less than complete larger sketches of your idea. Additionally, beginning your explanation with an excuse is not ideal. That is a good life lesson - and one I have to admit that I also do at times, but try my best not to.

However, I will say that although I am exhausted, I am ending the day feeling that there are some really good and interesting directions I feel some of you are ready to head in the direction of.
At some point along the way you will all get a little lost, and that isn't just expected, but wanted. Not knowing is uncomfortable, but healthy. You learn so much by getting there and subsequently having to find yourself back on the path of intention.

I am asking more of you in terms of intentional content and composition, yes. I am asking more of you in terms of color use and paint handling as well. I am just plain asking more of you. You are in a higher level of Art and need to be willing to stretch your abilities and willingness. Being ok with the level you were at even one year ago won't be enough to pay the bills - if you catch my drift.

You are all so very talented, I just want your focus and potential to be effectively directed for the best product possible. Thank you for your attention today (though some of you could have been more active listeners) and willingness to at least pretend like you were ok with taking questions and ideas that are all directed towards improving your product.

Have a great extended weekend. Have that canvas ready to go next week!


Daily Sketchbook 10/4

FIRST, before anything else, upload your independent practice drawing from procreate now as after our daily sketchbook the ipads will be going down to the digi photo class for the day.*

If your are an Art 4:
As I said in a message to you, many of you did not get me your thumbnail ideas on time during Monday's class. Instead of the previously set up d.s. topic that the Art 3's are doing I want you to do the following:
On the next available page in your sketchbook begin drawing out a more full version of what you want to do for your painting. We will be sharing these ideas out with others after the d.s. today. It doesn't need to be highly detailed, but it needs to be specific enough that we know what is going on.
Since you have more room with one image for the page vs 4 thumbnails on the one page, we should have a much better idea of your composition, foreground and background, proportions of objects, etc.

If you are an Art 3:
With a pen, draw a plant. Use only lines. No shading. From memory and/or imagination. You'll need to simplify. Do not look anything up online. Do not look at photo references of any kind. Draw until I ask you to stop. Style and quantity are up to you. Get started right away. Don't think too much. Please do not talk to your neighbors while you focus on this activity.

*if you are an Art 3 and doing your project for Chopped on the ipad please come see me

Monday, October 2, 2017

Daily Sketchbook 10/2

A wee bit o' art history time.

First, go to THIS PAGE in Safari.
You'll be able to listen to The Lonely Palette podcast about JMW Turner's painting, The Slave Ship there. You could, alternatively, pull up that podcast in the podcast app on your ipad and listen to it there. Maybe even subscribe from your ipad (hint hint).

While you are listening, sketch out the below painting in your sketchbook or in procreate. Feel free to use any color you want, but sketch up until the episode is over, but when all the extraneous talking and ad type things begin a few minutes before the end is when you can begin photographing/exporting and uploading your image.

Additionally, on your own time, you might find THIS interesting.

Sunday, October 1, 2017


I was listening to a podcast while doing some yard work this afternoon and had the following rough thoughts that I wanted to share.
What was the podcast? The Lonely Palette. If you don't know about it, it's pretty interesting, but I'll be introducing it at some point later, too.

They were talking about post-impressionism (you know, van gogh, cezanne, gaugin, etc.) and van Gogh specifically in this episode, but I was thinking about the Perspectives theme that the NUMU has put out there for this year. I don't know if the below will help, but it might. If it doesn't make sense, that's ok, I just ran in the studio and jotted these things down.

What does it mean to be you?
     -showing your truth?
     -showing your struggles?
     -showing your vulnerability?
          as in, your perspective on who you are or where you are in this time and place; how different that is from even my generation; the things you feel hoisted upon you; the stresses you feel...

What does it feel like to be you?

Doesn't have to be a painting
     a chronology of your day
     a chronology of your experiences
     small ink drawings
     tied or sewn together as an installation or acordian book
     30 days
     17 days - or just one drawing for every year you have been alive

What about small studies of everyday things (or routines - check out some of Hadley's ideas in this slightly related vein).
Documenting that which goes unnoticed. A grid of pieces.
Maybe the pieces tell a story. Maybe they don't.

Maybe it is a series of studies of the classrooms you are in this year. Maybe you have text included (layered underneath is a fav of mine) that is made up of thoughts you have as you go through that class. Maybe it is a collection of thoughts of how your peers feel about that class. Maybe you "interview" them and ask what it is they think about while in that class while they daydream.

Anyway, that's how my brain works. I can see some of those ideas being interesting things to explore for the NUMU show, a portfolio, or just because (at least to me) they are interesting ideas.
But that's just me.
Take them if you like them, leave them if you don't.


Thursday, September 28, 2017

Daily Sketchbook 9/28

Today is a little different. I am going to pair you up by going through the note cards you wrote your name(s) on at the beginning of the year.
Once you are paired up I want you to take your sketchbook and "interview" the person you are matched with.
Pretend that you are tasked with making a piece of art about them. What kinds of questions would you ask to get to know them?
Name? Obvi.
Something about their family?
Significant likes/dislikes?
Perceived strengths?

Spend about five minutes (per person) getting to know as much about the person as possible, and make sure to document it all in your sketchbook.
Next question, how do you document your interview?
Words and visuals are a good combo. You'll have about five minutes to add to your "notes" after you spend time interviewing your peer.

Also, after the daily sketchbook is uploaded I will have one more thing I need from you. Stay tuned for that.

Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Daily Sketchbook 9/26

Spend about one minute to find a CAIRN you think is fairly interesting.
The next question is, what media would be most interesting for you to represent your chosen cairn. It could be pencil, pen & ink, watercolor, colored pencil, crayon, procreate, etc. I care less about the media and more about your use of light/dark/value/texture/etc.
Have fun.

Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Daily Sketchbook 9/20

Remember that bird you began drawing in ink last week?
Go back to that page and spend some time adding watercolor to it some how to make it look better/more interesting/more complete.
Don't forget to photograph the entire page when you are done (without a shadow) and upload it!

Alternatively, you may continue inking if you don't feel like you got as far as you would have liked. Please just spend at least 13 min. working on this.

Monday, September 18, 2017

Daily Sketchbook 9/18

I have a book at home by Tom Kelley and David Kelley with the following paragraph that I can't help but share.

Please read it and let it sink in. 
"With creative confidence comes the desire to proactively guide the course of your life, or organization, rather than be carried along on the prevailing winds. Roger Martin, dean of the University of Toronto's Rotman School of Management, once told us that what stuck out to him about designers is that they always act with intention. While others may unconsciously go with the default option, design thinkers make everything a conscious and original choice: from how they arrange their bookshelf to how they present their work. When they look around the world, they see opportunities to do things better and have a desire to change them. Once you start creating things, whether it's laying out a new garden or starting a new company or writing a new piece of code, you start to realize that everything has that intention behind it. Everything in modern society is the result of a collection of decisions made by someone. Why shouldn't that someone be you?"

After reading this passage I want you to open up to a new page in your sketchbook and create a large-ish shape on the page. Within that shape, creatively and uniquely copy the above quote. When you are finished, photograph this quote and submit that for today's daily sketchbook.

Thursday, September 14, 2017

The Struggle is Real

I asked my students yesterday if they get stressed out about grades and the resounding response was "yes". I knew this, but it's good to hear it from others as well.
As I stated during BTSN, I want the focus to be on learning and achievement (which looks different for every student), and NOT on grades.

Remember, it's about the learning, not the grade.

With that said, the Canvas grade book has sucked up more than three hours of my life from 3pm yesterday and 8:30am today. Not cool, Canvas. Not cool!

I want the assignments, when they are worthy of a letter grade, to receive a letter grade. The thing is, I'm bound by the constrictions some other developer - that is most likely NOT an educator - created. Frustrating to say the least.

What I have realized is that in order for my students to have a "grade" in the class, the assignments have to be worth some number of points. If I make the assignments worth "zero" points and put a letter grade in for their work, the total in the grade book doesn't exist. The program has no points to average, so it doesn't do anything with the letter grade.
If I make the assignment worth some number of points it does some other weird default stuff that I don't like, and that's what has consumed my time. What's the workaround? I have no idea, but I've found a workaround for the time being.
I think.

I don't know if it will work, but I think it will be ok for now. We'll see.

What I loathe is that it still very prominently displays a percentage for the student to see. The is NOT what I want. At all. I want the focus to be on the learning and not on the grade - but I think I've already said that many times.
I know that the students will still focus on the percentage instead of anything else every time they go in the grade book, so what do I do? I don't know.

I guess for now I have to be ok with an "I don't know". Which doesn't feel good.

Please remind them, and yourself, that the real assessment comes in the feedback for the assignment. There is a running commentary for each assignment, and often for assignments that aren't "graded" - when applicable. Please please please make sure to read the comments.

I know for the projects that are officially at the beginning of assessment, there are a lot of comments. I am even asking some of the students to come in and make some corrections so their work will be better. I am happy to reassess. There are steps for them to follow, but they are pretty easy. I have spoken with them about how to do this and I will continue to remind them as necessary.

Glass Pumpkin Patch Info

Hi everyone, one more quick note here.
The 15th Annual Magical Glass Pumpkin Patch will be taking place on Sept. 22-24 on the front lawn of the high school. This is a great event to peruse, even if you don't buy anything.
However, a portion of all proceeds to come back to the art department to help us do things like repair kilns, buy oil paints, and purchase tools and supplies to keep the classes as robust as they are.
More info can be found at the above link.
Happy almost Friday.

Daily Sketchbook 9/14

It's been a while for some ink for most of you, so that's what today is about. Please get out your small pen and ink, and draw the below bird on the next available page in your sketchbook.
Are you brave enough to go straight to ink without pencil? This is doable, but it takes focus and patience. Though you'll be surprised how much you can get done in 15 focused minutes.
Please don't do anything else on this page as I plan to have you loop back to it at some point.

Please do not use any pen besides the small dip pen in your supply tub. No microns, etc.

Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Daily Sketchbook 9/12

It's time for our first Artist of the Month for the year, so bring your pencil and sketchbook to my table. I know I was haphazard about this last year, but I'll try to do better this year.

Friday, September 8, 2017

A3/A4 Class on 9/8

While there isn't a traditional daily sketchbook for today, I do have something I want us all to do together today.
To begin with, please have your drawing on your table, and your ipad open to the Canvas app*. Please remove everything else from your table for us to begin.

*Yes, the app. Please do not go on a web browser. If you need help with the app please ask.

Thursday, September 7, 2017

Back To School Night (BTSN) 2017

You've already heard some from me, but since we're at the time of the year for BTSN, I, of course, have more.
Over the past few years I have noticed more and more students who have strained under the pressure of homework and grades and college applications and feeling like they need to take certain classes in order to be qualified for certain “good” colleges.
Really, it’s just too much.
What about the joy of learning?
Or learning how to be a good learner?
Or focusing on the learning and content knowledge as the thing and not stressing about points?

Not worrying about “needing” certain classes, but what classes make us happy. Which courses help us learn now AND in the future?

Yes, I get it, you want your kids to go to college, but as Frank Bruni argues in the book Where You Go Is Not Who You’ll Be, there is, largely, an illusion over what are “good” colleges and what aren’t. It is up to the student (your kid) to get the education. They should not rely on the college/university - or even the high school. They have to own it and make it themselves. Everyone else is only offering opportunity.
By the way, I highly recommend reading the above mentioned book. It’s pretty short and is excellent.

School can be played as a game, but should it be used as such? Probably not.
Students thinking they need to have a certain number of AP courses in order to compete for certain colleges isn’t healthy. At all.
And really, if a school has less than a 20% acceptance rate they probably aren’t getting in anyway. That’s just how the numbers work. You can be “perfect”, and a legacy, and not need any financial aid, and still get denied. It’s kind of a crap shoot, unfortunately.
It isn’t the end of the world, it’s just the beginning of a different opportunity.
Don’t pressure them so much. Your kids will be fine. Trust me. We have more than 100 teachers and staff here working really hard to give them as much as we can. As an added benefit, pressuring them about school less will only increase the possibility of a positive relationship between parent and offspring.

Personally, I’m more concerned with them using the knowledge and experiences in this class to make themselves better and to inform the depth and happiness of their life long after they leave my class(es). If you think about it, all of life is influenced by Art and creativity. The ways of really looking in here, and how they have to problem solve...that’s the good stuff, that stuff will make an impact on personal and professional aspects of their life going forward. Not the same can be said for every class they take here, unfortunately.

Which brings me to the big change for this academic year.

I am largely going gradeless. Really that just means grading less.
I still expect them to do the right thing, be respectful, and perform at a high level, but I’m not going to be awarding - or taking away - points for behavior (or as some name it, compliance).
I am not going to worry about projects being late. Yes, there are times when I cannot accept anything any later in a semester because I have to have time to deal with it at the end of the term, but that comes later, right?

I will still be making note online for all of these things, but it won’t negatively impact their grades.

If I prioritize the standards and content of the course, if I really believe that the products we make (their experiences) are where the learning comes from, that is what I need to consider when determining a grade. Those other things matter, but by not giving them points it actually allows for more personal conversations and fewer frustrations and hurt feelings if all is handled well.

We will be focusing on giving a lot (A LOT) of feedback this year throughout the process. It’s amazing how little students constructively talk to each other, or ask for help from each other about their work. I need them to get over this hump and not feel like they themselves are expected to have all of the answers - or that I am the only one with all of the answers. Yes, I have more experience and a broader range of language to offer, but they also have experience and knowledge to offer, so why not?
That use of feedback in an effort to get better is important. I have a peer at another school that has a motto, “Do. Reflect. Do Better.”
You have to admit, that’s pretty solid. If the students do that, if they can constantly make baby steps towards better they will have an amazing experience in this course.
Notice that this doesn’t mean achieving a certain level and then staying there, though. There is a difference. I am going to challenge your kids to continually do better, and I set the same challenge for myself. It isn’t easy, but it is worth it.

I had some great experiences over the summer, some of which I have shared with you through links already, but I thought I would share a couple of books as well.
One is Shift This, by Joy Kirr.
Another is Creating a Culture of Feedback, by Ferriter and Cancellieri.
If you have time, or are intrigued, I would recommend them both to you. It will change how you think about what your kids could have in school as contrasted with how you were taught. You won’t agree with, or understand, everything (especially in Shift This there are some strategies that just aren’t for me), but I like things that are interesting, and both of those books are that if nothing else.

I want the students to know it is about the learning, not the grades. I want them to have fun. I want them to be better.
I also want the same for myself. I want to have an amazing year where I am energized and interested and get to know a bunch of really great people - your kids.
I don’t shy away from tall tasks, so I hope they won’t either.

Here’s to the year, welcome!


Here are some other interesting links I’ve read recently you might find interesting:

Wednesday, September 6, 2017

Daily Sketchbook 9/6

I know we will only do a "traditional" daily sketchbook entry in class once this week, but I would like to challenge you do take one of the below bear drawings and begin it in your sketchbook. I don't expect it to be finished in terms of full shading, but you can get the gist of it down in pencil.
Next I would ask that you keep adding to it.
Ultimately I'd like to see a bear with some sort of human element added to the composition.
This could take you several days of daily sketchbook work, really. Between getting the bear and the human element sketched out. Then getting it inked. Then what? What else could make the page look interesting?

Don't forget, Friday when you come to class I will have something for us all to do for the first few minutes of class (even though you won't need to do a "daily sketchbook" activity to upload to Canvas). Please just be at your seat ready to participate.

Friday, September 1, 2017

Daily Sketchbook 9/1

This is a different day than usual. Every Friday you come to class I will have a beginning routine for us, but it will not require you to upload a photo for your daily sketchbook.
For now, until I have time to talk to you, just put your materials on your desk (or where you are working), and give me your attention. I will want to start as soon as the bell rings, or as soon as the announcements are over, so please work with me on this. If it takes too much time, I will have to make up that time that time with you at the end of class.
Cheers and happy Friday!

Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Daily Sketchbook 8/30

You have two options for today.
Option 1: continue working on your drawing from Monday in class (the Man Ray inspired image)
Option 2: draw a series of contour drawings of your hand (approx 3-4 min each) on a double page spread in your sketchbook (these should be life size or larger and will prob overlap at least a little bit)

Note: Personally I would rather you use option 1 so that you get in the habit of multiple days of working on the same image so you know what it feels like to have little bits of work gradually add up to larger bits of work. Ultimately the decision is up to you though.

Monday, August 28, 2017

Daily Sketchbook 8/28

Yesterday was Man Ray's birthday, so choose one of the below images as your inspiration for the piece you will do in your sketchbook today.
Remember, eliminate the shadow and photograph the entire page before uploading to Canvas. Also, make sure you are uploading to the correct assignment please. Ask if there are questions.

Thursday, August 24, 2017

Hello Parents.

Hi there, and welcome to Art class - and the Art class blog. I don't post much here for parents, but it may be a place you want to check out a few times this year in order to know about what is going on in class.
You can also check out even more information in Canvas, so please bookmark that site and review it frequently.

I don't want to say a lot today, but I do want to take this time before we get to Back To School Night to begin a little bit of communication with you. Please read the following letter as this introduction from me.

I am excited for this school year, and for some of the changes I have in store for the students. I hope to see you in a couple of weeks, and as always, if you have questions, I'm only an email away.

Have a wonderful afternoon.


Daily Sketchbook 8/24

Get three of the 3x5" cards that are (or should be) at your table group. In PEN ONLY print your first and last name in small-ish letters in the upper right hand corner. There is an example on the board for you to follow.
Next, in the upper left hand corner but a capital A on one card, a capital B on the second card, and a capital C on the third card. Again, these letters should be in the upper left hand corner.

At this point it would be beneficial for you to review the types of things you have done in your past Art classes here at lghs. For example, you have done observational drawing (still life), drawing and painting from photographs, setting up your own composition (Art 2 acrylic), color exploration, artist of the month, pen and ink drawings, exploring watercolor techniques, creating your own rationale/explanation for a work of your own, and the list continues.
Some of these things are quite "beginning" and about learning something from scratch, and some of them are quite advanced and require a lot more thought.

Next it would be good for your to read the following page of CA Advanced Art Standards.

Finally I want to get your input on the note cards that will relate to your work this semester.
On the "A" card I want you to provide information about what it takes to receive an "A" in this class for you for this semester.
On the "B" card I want you to provide information about what it takes to receive a "B" in this class for you this semester.
On the "C" card I want you to provide information about what it takes to receive a "C" in this class for you this semester.

Clearly there need to be both similarities and differences between these three cards. You may wish to confer with some peers in order to come up with your final - and thoughtful - answers. I will be reviewing these and will circle back to you if your answers are not deemed sufficient enough, so please take your prior knowledge into account in order to come up with an explanation on each card.

When you are happy with your result you should lay them next to each other to photograph and upload them to the daily sketchbook assignment. Please had your three cards to me when you are finished and begin on your observational drawing assignment.
You may find it necessary to begin this, but then finish it later in class after you have had some time to think about it and process the information.

Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Art 3 & 4 Independent Practice Due Dates

So there's a bit of weirdness for the schedule this semester because of certain dates that we do not have classes. The independent practice pieces are due on the following due dates. There is only ONE PLACE to upload them for the entirety of the semester.
Please mark these dates in your calendar.


Have fun!

Daily Sketchbook 8/22

Make sure you have your ipad (today you will get your number from me), open a new 8x10" canvas in procreate, and wait for directions.
Thank you.

Friday, May 26, 2017

Daily Sketchbook 5/26

Mindful Moment.
I'll get everyone started once you are all set up and quiet.
Don't forget to upload your photo after.

Monday, May 22, 2017

Daily Sketchbook 5/22 AND 5/24

You should spend Monday and Wednesday this week doing additional work on the following two things:
1: continue working on your Procreate/reflection drawing from last week
2: continued work on your study drawings (which are due on Wed.)

Please spend one day on each, or both days on your Procreate drawing (just not both days on study drawings).

You'll get a new topic on Friday.

Thursday, May 18, 2017

Daily Sketchbook 5/18

Last week you began a study drawing during your daily sketchbook time. Next week you turn in your last study drawings for the year.
Today you should continue working on your study drawings that will be given to me next week.

Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Daily Sketchbook 5/16

Open up the Procreate app and choose the pencil tool.
From here you have one of two options based off the idea of reflections.

Option 1: get a mirror from the tool cabinet and begin drawing a self portrait (but I know the Art 3's are already doing this for a project, in a way, so there is also...)

Option 2: get a reflective object from the still life cabinet that is metal or glass and draw that object while also paying special attention to how that object is reflecting things on its surface.

If you have another object that would work for this idea you may run it by me.

When you are finished, export your drawing as a jpg and upload it to Canvas please.

Friday, May 12, 2017

Daily Sketchbook 5/12

Study Drawing Day.
Due on 5/24, so get started on them today and have fun. Happy Friday.

Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Daily Sketchbook 5/10

Come get an index card from me and I will give you your prompt when ready.
Please print and write neatly.
Thank you.

When you are finished please photograph the card with your ipad and then hand the card to me. I'm looking forward to your input.

Monday, May 8, 2017

Art 3's and finishing your acrylic painting

Art 3's:
If you have turned in your acrylic painting, I have provided you with some feedback. I want you to do one of two things.

Option 1: If you are good with your painting as it stands and are understanding of the comments/feedback I have provided (as well as that which you read from your peers today in class), please go back to the assignment turn in and leave one more message to the instructor that states the percentage (out of 100) that you feel like you deserve.
In addition, please give an explanation justifying the percentage you feel you deserve.

Option 2: If, after reading the input from your peers from today and the feedback I presented you with online in Canvas, you would like to make some corrections/adjustments/etc. to your painting you need to do the following:
Go back to the assignment turn in and leave me a message stating that you want to make some changes. You also need to tell me what you are going to adjust and how you plan to move forward with your stated changes.
I will give you until the end of next week to make any changes, but you have to use all out of class time to do this.

Have fun.
Don't forget that everyone needs to take action on this :)

Daily Sketchbook 5/8

Mindful Moment.
Remember to upload your photo at the end. I will start you when everyone is set and ready.

Sunday, May 7, 2017

Daily Sketchbook 5/12

Please use today to get started on your last round of study drawings for the year.

Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Daily Sketchbook 5/2 & 5/4

If it was me I would grab my pen and ink and go straight to it, but that's just me. No pencil needed.
Below you will find your inspiration for the week. You may use one or both of the images but your task is to make something interesting with the below inspiration.

Monday, April 24, 2017

Daily Sketchbook 4/24

I'm actually going to give you the daily sketchbook topic(s) for the WEEK.
I know, you're excited. Me too.
You have study drawings due on the 28th, so I am giving you three days to work on these as your daily sketchbook. You have today, 4/24, as well as the next two classes - on the 26th and 28th to get these done.
It is very likely that you will be finished before you come to class on the 28th. While you are still needing to photograph each finished piece to turn in for the s.d. assignment, please give me a photograph of the the process on the 28th.
This could be your labels before you tape them in place. It could be the page itself right before you turn it in.
If you are even ahead of this, you get a few free minutes, but you need to give me something for a photo to show your study drawings on the 28th.

I'm tired as I type this. If it doesn't make sense, please let me know.