Wednesday, October 4, 2017

Daily Sketchbook 10/4

FIRST, before anything else, upload your independent practice drawing from procreate now as after our daily sketchbook the ipads will be going down to the digi photo class for the day.*

If your are an Art 4:
As I said in a message to you, many of you did not get me your thumbnail ideas on time during Monday's class. Instead of the previously set up d.s. topic that the Art 3's are doing I want you to do the following:
On the next available page in your sketchbook begin drawing out a more full version of what you want to do for your painting. We will be sharing these ideas out with others after the d.s. today. It doesn't need to be highly detailed, but it needs to be specific enough that we know what is going on.
Since you have more room with one image for the page vs 4 thumbnails on the one page, we should have a much better idea of your composition, foreground and background, proportions of objects, etc.

If you are an Art 3:
With a pen, draw a plant. Use only lines. No shading. From memory and/or imagination. You'll need to simplify. Do not look anything up online. Do not look at photo references of any kind. Draw until I ask you to stop. Style and quantity are up to you. Get started right away. Don't think too much. Please do not talk to your neighbors while you focus on this activity.

*if you are an Art 3 and doing your project for Chopped on the ipad please come see me

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