Wednesday, October 4, 2017

Regarding your oil concepts

I know I was really frustrated after class on Monday, and I hope you understand where that frustration comes from. I know I am asking for a lot of ideas, but you all have ideas, and sometimes you are just overthinking it all. Sometimes, I'm telling you, you just need to get it out. You just need to be ok with sketching out what you know isn't good enough, because that's part of the process of getting to what IS good enough.

I was also disappointed today that there were a few less than complete larger sketches of your idea. Additionally, beginning your explanation with an excuse is not ideal. That is a good life lesson - and one I have to admit that I also do at times, but try my best not to.

However, I will say that although I am exhausted, I am ending the day feeling that there are some really good and interesting directions I feel some of you are ready to head in the direction of.
At some point along the way you will all get a little lost, and that isn't just expected, but wanted. Not knowing is uncomfortable, but healthy. You learn so much by getting there and subsequently having to find yourself back on the path of intention.

I am asking more of you in terms of intentional content and composition, yes. I am asking more of you in terms of color use and paint handling as well. I am just plain asking more of you. You are in a higher level of Art and need to be willing to stretch your abilities and willingness. Being ok with the level you were at even one year ago won't be enough to pay the bills - if you catch my drift.

You are all so very talented, I just want your focus and potential to be effectively directed for the best product possible. Thank you for your attention today (though some of you could have been more active listeners) and willingness to at least pretend like you were ok with taking questions and ideas that are all directed towards improving your product.

Have a great extended weekend. Have that canvas ready to go next week!


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