Monday, October 16, 2017

Re: Art 1 P & I work on 101/7

I wanted to share this so that my "intro" will be a little shorter tomorrow. First, before the nitty gritty, check out these two images I recently saw on Instagram. So fantastic. I'm sharing to show how something so simple looking can be so interesting. I really want you to zoom in on those and check out the hatch work - which I will demo this week. Pretty amazing stuff.

I also want to give you an option. If you have looked at the student examples that are online or that I had in class last week, you'll see that we are going to draw an object from observation. We will be executing this object three times using one technique at at time while using three separate techniques. I have a variety of objects for you to select from in class that I know work really well for this project. 
However, you have the option of bringing in something of your own. If you choose to do this there are a couple of requirements. It can't be too big, and it must be here every day that we are working on this project. If you have any questions please feel free to ask.
Bringing your own "thing" to draw isn't a requirement, I just like to give it so that you might find it easier to "connect" with the project itself. I have plenty of objects to choose from so don't worry about it if you don't want.
I do retain the right to veto an object. If I do this, please don't beg for an explanation as to why. I've seen some objects that look like they should be just fine turn out to be incredibly difficult and disastrous. I don't want that to happen to you.

What should happen on Tuesday in class?
  • continue working on your stipple value scale and sphere if they are not already finished
  • has yours gotten a little sloppy and/or should you have a do-over? (I have more worksheets if the answer is yes)
  • get a piece of printer paper from my desk to draw your object (it should be large-ish, but use the guides/examples in class to judge the approx size - remember that you have to fit three of it on the final piece of paper)
  • watch the hatch demo - I'll probably do this in 2 parts
  • begin working on your hatch value scale and sphere - practice on scratch paper first since you can't erase ink!
  • begin drawing out your chosen object in pencil on your printer paper - pay attention to all the stuff we've talked about all year like proportions and shapes and symmetry and ellipses, etc., etc.
  • work on sketchbook if there is time
What is due this week?
  • Ch 2 sketchbook check is Thurs.
  • finished value scales and spheres for hatch and stipple (the worksheet)
  • finished shape drawing of your chosen object

Let me know if you have any questions. I'm excited to see you tomorrow!
Note, other than reading this, you really don't "need" to do anything for tomorrow. I'm just trying to be open and give you options. Don't stress. No worries!

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