Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Gradebook and ipad update for Art 2, 3, 4H

Afternoon y'all.

1. I forgot to mention this to 3rd period today, but it should serve as a good reminder to everyone...if you have any content on the ipads in class you need to make sure it is uploaded to your google drive account before lunch tomorrow (Thurs., 10/26) is over. There are a few that will be gone for a few days and will likely be set back to where they look like they are brand new. This means all content will get erased. Please make sure you have a backup of all of your images before this happens.

2. There are SO MANY HOLES in the grade book. I count nearly 20 people in Art 2 that have at least part of the content you are responsible for missing in the gradebook. More than 20 Art 3's are in the same boat. Art 4's, there are 12 of you.

I shouldn't have to chase you for this work as it's your education here. I have been leaving ample comments in Canvas and I have been giving you face-to-face reminders as well. You need to make sure that you are responsible.
For ex., Art 2's, you simply cannot even begin your next assignment without the prep work ahead of time, and you are already a week late on this expectation (if you don't know what I refer to pls check the gradebook). Some others of you are multiple weeks late on other content. Just because it may be marked as complete/incomplete instead of being given points doesn't mean it isn't necessary. Every single item needs to be paid attention to. That is the need in order for you to attain success and even pass the class, so do the right thing and don't make me keep reminding you. 

I need everyone to take the time to go through and check the different assignments in the gradebook and make sure you are up to date. Please.

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