Wednesday, November 8, 2017

Initial Thoughts

As I sit here going through the self assessments you have all filled out the past two days, there are two main things that are sticking with me.

First, how can you have earned an "A" or "B" if you haven't turned in all of the work for the semester? How is this not an "I" (incomplete)?

Second, the following types of statements are not goals:
  • to finish my projects
  • to be happy with my projects
  • better time management
  • to get a good grade/to get an A
Question, how do you tell if you have met those "goals"?
For example, getting a good grade is not a goal. Getting a good grade is the end result from having met a goal.

Additionally, effort is relative. Trying hard does not make for an "A". You can put in a lot of work but not create any progress. But more on that another day.

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