Monday, May 8, 2017

Art 3's and finishing your acrylic painting

Art 3's:
If you have turned in your acrylic painting, I have provided you with some feedback. I want you to do one of two things.

Option 1: If you are good with your painting as it stands and are understanding of the comments/feedback I have provided (as well as that which you read from your peers today in class), please go back to the assignment turn in and leave one more message to the instructor that states the percentage (out of 100) that you feel like you deserve.
In addition, please give an explanation justifying the percentage you feel you deserve.

Option 2: If, after reading the input from your peers from today and the feedback I presented you with online in Canvas, you would like to make some corrections/adjustments/etc. to your painting you need to do the following:
Go back to the assignment turn in and leave me a message stating that you want to make some changes. You also need to tell me what you are going to adjust and how you plan to move forward with your stated changes.
I will give you until the end of next week to make any changes, but you have to use all out of class time to do this.

Have fun.
Don't forget that everyone needs to take action on this :)

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