Tuesday, December 5, 2017

Daily Skethbook 12/5

Get yourself set up with the "pencil" option in Procreate on an 8x10" canvas.

Situate yourself so that you can see a peer's shoes (no sandals or Ugg type boots please), and begin to draw one or both of them. I'm more interested in specifics than in being "done" in 15 minutes (which you won't be).

When your time is up make sure you export your drawing as a jpg and upload it for your daily sketchbook.

Alternatively: if you know you are redoing an ind. pract. from earlier in the semester, you can get some work done on that since the last day to turn that in is Fri., 12/8. You must, though, let me know - in a complete sentence - that what you are doing is a redo, AND let me know the topic of the redo, as a "message instructor" in this assignment in the Canvas app.

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