Sunday, December 10, 2017

What You Should Remember

We are nearing the end of the semester, and one thing I would say most of you "want" - besides no school and some ice cream (yes, you are supposed to laugh at that) - is an "A" in as many of your classes as you can get.
I get it.
I was once in your shoes.
But looking back I also know that I didn't always put enough energy forth to respectfully attain that mark.

Have you?

Remember, there is nothing wrong with something lower than an "A". It won't prevent you from getting into a "good" school, it won't prevent you from being happy, it won't prevent you from being successful.
If anyone is telling you anything contrary to the above sentence, well, they are wrong.

Some would probably mince their words and not be so definitive in a statement, but I know this to be true.
Experience, time, research, conferences, and conversations all point to me being correct. Actually, it isn't really me being correct, just me saying what others have found to be true to you in this format.

There is more than one way to skin a cat. You know the saying already though.

Please, as we finish the semester, keep up the hard work, start working harder, or...don't. I can't determine your actions for you, but I can tell you that it is expected that you do the right thing, and in my rooms that means creating.

Don't be disrespectful or distracting.
Don't demand (or even request) an "A" for an assignment or term if you haven't done the appropriate work.
It should be clear what the goals and objectives for each assignment are, and it should be no surprise that you are expected to show growth over time.

If you haven't turned everything in for the semester for projects and independent practice (Art 2, 3, 4) or for your projects and sketchbook (Art 1), you should come see me during tutorial or after school so we can talk.
Even if you have turned it all in, but at least some of it was late and/or a re-do, it would be wise of you to begin checking in with me later in the week to make sure I have no questions, and I have everything documented and accounted for appropriately.

There will be work that all of you are expected to turn in during finals time, so make sure that you are appropriately working, appropriately following the prompt, turning it in, and finishing the semester strong.
Oh, yes, you need to be present during finals.  Yes, you also need to be on time. Again, end the semester strong. I know you can, I just hope you will choose to.

And follow my note to self: breathe, it's almost the end.

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