Wednesday, September 6, 2017

Daily Sketchbook 9/6

I know we will only do a "traditional" daily sketchbook entry in class once this week, but I would like to challenge you do take one of the below bear drawings and begin it in your sketchbook. I don't expect it to be finished in terms of full shading, but you can get the gist of it down in pencil.
Next I would ask that you keep adding to it.
Ultimately I'd like to see a bear with some sort of human element added to the composition.
This could take you several days of daily sketchbook work, really. Between getting the bear and the human element sketched out. Then getting it inked. Then what? What else could make the page look interesting?

Don't forget, Friday when you come to class I will have something for us all to do for the first few minutes of class (even though you won't need to do a "daily sketchbook" activity to upload to Canvas). Please just be at your seat ready to participate.

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