Monday, May 21, 2018

Daily Sketchbook 5/21

Before and After.
Go get your tub of supplies, put it down on the floor and take a photo of exactly what it looks like right now :)
Next, take the time to clean everything and get it ready to turn in (or at least as much as you can get done in 20-ish minutes.
Take another photo of your clean and organized tub.
Finally, upload those to Canvas for your daily sketchbook for today.

As a treat for me, you could put them both on one canvas in an app (procreate or the like) so that I can see the before and after at once. That would be nice.

After we are finished with this we will work on a follow up for the Process Self Portrait Project and discuss the rest of the week.

If you finish significantly before everyone else, draw in your sketchbook instead of just socializing or sitting there, please.

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