Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Calendar Attention

As promised, yes, another post - 3rd of the day so far!

Next week there are two important events that I want to share with everyone.

First is the annual Art In the Council Chambers Exhibit.
This applies to everyone as I offer extra credit for the students who attend.
Details: Thurs., Jan 19th, 6-8pm, LG Town Council Chambers - essentially right below the library, sort of.
I need some volunteers to spring some light food/drink at about 5:30 for the reception, but I'll send out an email regarding that.
This reception is held for the advanced art students so that their oil paintings can be viewed. Well, many of them. There isn't room for all of them, but I think there are about 40 or so that will make their way across the street for the show.
This show will be up until the first week of March. There aren't really "public viewing" hours, though there are many chances to see the work. I will say that it's best to come to the reception itself if you can.

Second is a meeting regarding the Europe field trip scheduled for next year.
A representative from EF Tours will be at school at 8pm on Wed., Jan 18th with the ability to answer even more questions.
If you did not sign up before Dec. 15th, they have extended the "discount" until Jan. 19th. I know, I know, that's the next day, but the 18th is the only day once second semester started that I could get them here.
If you want to review the field trip info - which at this point is open to next year's Art 3/4 students (this doesn't mean that some of next year's Art 2's couldn't go, I'm just not there yet), please go here.

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