Thursday, January 19, 2012

Art 1 Perspective Requirements

Here's what you need to include, and a short blurb on what I'll be expecting when it comes time to grade.

  • Decide on one or two point perspective - doesn't matter to me, choose whichever one you feel most comfortable with (though challenging yourself is always good, too);
  • Create a "room" with a floor and at least one wall in one point, or give me a "box" with an interior showing in two point;
  • Create a "checkerboard" pattern on one of your surfaces;
  • Include at least five shapes - one must be a box and one must be a sphere - minimally;
  • Include at least three "cutaways"/windows/doors;
  • At least two of the objects must overlap
  • Use both hatch and stipple pen & ink techniques
  • get your 9x12" paper from me
  • create a light pencil drawing of the above
  • erase any unnecessary lines so as to not confuse yourself while inking
  • let me see it to make sure you won't run in to problems
  • ink - using all three pen & ink techniques learned earlier in the year
I want you to show of your fun and creative side. If you settle for the minimum, even with perfect technique, I'll likely not shower you with an awesome grade. Strive for more. For reals.

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