Monday, September 21, 2009

Due Date Reminder(s)

Art 2's: Hand/Head studies are due on Friday. This will be the final component of your drawing packet, and the final grade will go in Aeries following this piece.

Art 2's also need to begin looking for a b/w photograph for our monochromatic oil project. You have two weeks before you need it, but I would strongly suggest looking now. If you can take your own picture, that would be even better (hint, hint).

Art 1/2/3/4H: EVERYONE has study drawings due next week!
Art 1 on Monday
Art 2 on Tuesday
Art 3/4H on Wednesday

Do not forget, do not forget, do not drawings are not accepted late! If I don't have them on the due date, and on time, you will get a zero.

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