Thursday, February 11, 2010

Art 1 Grid Drawing

I know, I know, I hate it when students are given homework over the break, but ...
you have to admit that this is pretty easy.
Since we are getting ready to begin the grid drawing each student needs to collect some photographs to choose from.
The guidelines are as follows:
  • must be black and white
  • must be "high quality" (showing good contrast, crisp, etc.)
  • min. of 4" on the short side
  • bring in a min. of 3-5 to choose from
  • no silhouettes for the subject
  • avoid really big areas that are really dark
  • avoid really big areas that are really light
  • try to find that "sweet spot" for detail - not too much, but not too little
  • look for good contrast
  • look for a wide range of values
  • try to get pictures you enjoy looking at and will look forward to as a finished product
Remember, this project takes time, but is impressive when finished.
You will need matboard in order to finish the project, but we will discuss that come March.
I will put reminders of that up here and tell you where to get it later.

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