Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Art 1 Matboard

As announced in class today, you need to get one 32" x 40" sheet of matboard.
Not each, but for two people to share.
The color doesn't matter to me as long as it is NOT black or white - avoid those two at all costs (they are just too "contrasty" compared to your pencil drawing...trust me). Do, though, get something you like and/or think will look good with your drawing.

The best selection will be found at University Art on Meridian just off of 280 (heading southbound towards San Jose. Closer will be Aaron Bros. on Bascom (on the corner shopping center at Hamilton - near Whole Foods).
Of course other places carry this item as well, but they may not have exactly what you/we need.

We will be using this to "frame" your finished grid drawing, so make sure it is "clean" and the corners are in good shape.

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