Monday, March 28, 2011

Acrylic Mahem

So, change of plans. Kind of.
All acrylic paintings from everyone will be due before spring break.
Please, PLEASE, do not wait until the last minute to give them to me. A happy Smithy that will not make - to receive 50 paintings on canvas all at once, each with multiple pieces of paper, etc.

Remember, also, that the week we come back from break your study drawings will be due.

Then on the 25th of April I will be setting up the show at the LG Museum, so that week after spring break will be busy as heck with me getting things prepped.

BTW, the next set, #5, will be the last chance to get some additional pieces able to be viewed for the show.

Smile! But be prepared to work really diligently over the next 2 weeks!!!

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