Monday, February 6, 2012

LG Banner Project

Great opportunity.
Really, I'm not foolin' 'round here.

LG is looking for some new designs to replace the light post banners downtown - which is good because the current ones are boring.
Not trying to be mean, but they are.

I've received a couple of emails regarding this project - probably because the due date for submissions is coming up really soon, and wanted to pass the info along to you.

You can get all of the information here. Actually, you'll need the pdf that accompanies this link, but I'll just assume you're smart enough to figure that out :)

So what to do, especially since it's a very different kind of set up than you are used to doing for class???
Good question. We can work on that together, or you can find answers online.

I'd like to offer extra credit for those that do a legit job on this call for entries. Or, alternatively, I can work with you on this for substituting this for other things grade-wise.
We'll negotiate.

Again, the information you need can be found here.

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