Friday, May 11, 2012

Due Date Update

Below are, I believe, the remaining due dates for the semester that you all need to be aware of.
There will, of course, be participation points available as well.

Art 1's, since you have turned in your grid drawing, we will do some other art activities, but I have decided to center them around your participation points instead of creating more new "projects" in Aeries.
I do expect your best efforts and for things to be turned in. You will need your sketchbook in class every day for the rest of the year.

Adv. Art, you will need your sketchbooks, too. Art 3 beginning next week. Art 2/4, when your current project is due.

Let me know if you have any questions.

Art 1
     5/24 Study Drawings

Art 2
     5/21 Project Menu Project
     5/25 Study Drawings
     5/30 Supplies

Art 3
     5/22 Study Drawings
     5/29 Funky Face (not the entire period)
     5/29 Supplies

Art 4
     5/22 Study Drawings
     5/24 Big Self Portrait
     5/29 Supplies

Note, Period 2/6 Art 3's - Study Drawings Due 5/25 (Carolina's Birthday)
     Topics: 1) optional subject
                  2) self-portrait
                  3) light
                  4) optional subject
                  5) dreams

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