Monday, January 9, 2017

Bonus For The Beginning

Welcome back for second semester everyone! As usual I need to use some of my "break" to get ready for the upcoming semester, so here I am on my fourth hour of work typing this treat for you.
You know you have a daily sketchbook due every day there is school, but just like last semester, you will not have to begin this in earnest until I have you in class the first time - which is tomorrow.

However, if you would like to do a daily sketchbook for today, and upload it today (not tomorrow before class), I will credit you for one extra day of work. I know, two points isn't a lot, but it isn't a bad foot to get off on, now is it?!

One last note, please make sure to read the directions on the assignment in Canvas. I want you to photograph your sketchbook pages in a specific way, and while this hasn't changed from last semester, I will be more diligent in paying attention to your presentation this semester.


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