Tuesday, October 2, 2018

Grading Period 1

We are officially beyond the 1/6th mark of the academic year. Yikes. The grades have "rolled over" from one system to the next, and as I double check my work and prepare the next steps I'd like to step back and take stock.

First, there are a lot of students who will see an "I" in the Canvas gradebook, or get an "incomplete or missing assignments" comment in Aeries (once that is opened for student viewing). In fact, more than makes me comfortable or happy.

What I have learned the last two years is that this is part of the process when the process is the focus. What I have also learned is that not all students have learned to embrace the process; not all students have learned to learn from, or push themselves based off of, feedback; not all students are exceptional at following a protocol that is different than their other teacher.
This is part of my plight, and it is somewhat self-imposed. To a degree I have to be ok with that.

And I am, to a degree. I believe it is best for the students, and at least for the ones who take positive advantage of the given flexibility, it is best for their learning. I am not here to "punish", but here to push and teach and make everyone feel like they are going beyond their comfort zone.
That is where the good stuff happens.

If you are one of those people that see one of those "incomplete" things in Canvas or Aeries (later this week), you owe it to yourself to come have a conversation with me. Maybe it's too late to affect any change, but maybe not. We won't know until said conversation. If everyone shows up at once on one tutorial, I won't be able to see everyone, but please use a tutorial before the middle of next week to make the time for me.

On a more positive note...what a start to the year!
I have seen some great drawings and some great growth from all of my classes. I have enjoyed what we have done so far, and am excited about the processes we have on the horizon as they are some of my favorites of the year.
I'm enjoying getting to know those of you that I have, and I look forward to building an even more open environment as we get even more open work time over the next few months.

Remember, I'm here if you need me, and the studio is always open if you need a comfortable place to hang out and/or get some work done.

Enjoy your afternoon!

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