Monday, January 28, 2019

Daily Agenda for Art 2 on 1/28/19

I'm sorry to miss the day, everyone :(
I've been sick since Thursday night and I just don't have enough voice to make it through the day.
I will be back tomorrow, and while you know where you left off, I want to get it here in writing for you and the sub.

You may have the first 15min to work on your I.P. that is due next week.
While you already brainstormed some ideas, what I want you to think about is something that is not straightforward. If you draw a cup, and that's it, it's probably going to be really boring.
What else can you add to it? Is there a more interesting object you can draw? How can you play with scale? Can the image be about something else (more interesting), and the item with a handle be just a small part of it?
There are a lot of options, it's up to you to discover them and have fun with it.

Next, finish your color chart.
Remember that the values should be noticeably different in each circle/oval in each column.
Each color mixture should be noticeably different from left to right.
Pay particular attention to your neutrals (for ex, blue and org or purple and yellow) as they need to be mixed properly.
Mix the colors completely on your palette.
Application on color chart is expected to be smooth, homogeneous, opaque, and neat.

When you are finished, make sure your name is on it, you have labeled all of you colors in their respective places, and you put it on my desk in a neat pile once it is dry (use the hair dryer if needed).

If there is time remaining, please begin drawing your image on your canvas.

I will get everything caught up throughout the rest of the week as I can. Wish me luck in healing. Have a great day!

As you see the CT kids coming through/around campus today (beginning around 9:30) please encourage them to sign up for Art 1 :)

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