Friday, October 23, 2009

Misc. OIl Project Notes

It's dawning on me that there is a drawback from moving to the block schedule for projects that include a very new media. With us working on our oil paintings, and trying to figure it out as we go through the process in art 2 for the first time, painting every other day isn't the best. Consistent practice is. While I recognize that everyone has other classes to worry about and do work for, if you (Art 2's) can use at least 1-2 tutorials each week to come in and work on your paintings, it will make you a better painter in a shorter period of time. There are a lot of subtleties required in handling the paint (making sure to eliminate "halos", dealing with canvas texture, blending, details, correct values, edges - the list goes on) and practice, practice, PRACTICE is what you need to make you better.

And art 4's: Wed. Yes, Wed., the painting is due. No, I will not move the due date. You have had 6 weeks to work on the project and many of you did exactly what I warned against, and that was using two to three weeks to work on study drawings and idea preparation. Yes, I expect a lot from this project as you have completed five oil paintings for me in the past and you all have a facility with the medium that should just be getting better.

Art 3's: You're just getting started, and one of the main things that will help is for you to really look at your picture and try to notice what colors are there as "base coats". Often you'll notice that there is something painted underneath the final color you actually see, and being able to use that same method of painting will make the process much easier for you to match colors and textures later on.

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