Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Moving in to oil painting

As we prepare for the larger oil paintings, of course everyone needs something to paint on. The minimum canvas size for everyone (Art 2,3,4) is 16" x 20". Yes, canvases can be traded for cash ($5 or $9) here in class, or you can get one from the art supply store (University Art or Aaron Brothers are both good places).
Art 4's - as ANOTHER reminder, you need to supply your own oil painting brushes this year. I am supplying the white oil paint (which in years past art 4's needed to get themselves), though.
Art 2's - you need to bring your canvas and photographs to class BY Friday. Bring options, please.

Art 3's - you have options for your oil painting project. Traditionally the first oil painting of the year has been a Master/Famous Reproduction. To explain, the reasons are for duplication of color, texture, and painting style. In studying the masters (which is a centuries old exercise) you have the chance to expand your knowledge, and the bottom line is that it will make you a MUCH better painter in the long run. As I mentioned in class, there is one drawback. That reproduction usually isn't good to use in a college portfolio. You can still use it as an exercise and do a second painting afterwards - which the classes have also done the past two years.
In terms of the other options for the oil painting (for art 3's) please think those ideas through and have concrete options to discuss next week in class.

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