Thursday, October 13, 2011

Art 2 Canvas + etc

As we went over today in class, there are several items you will need for class next week, and you need to be working on these things as you are dealing with your grisaille painting.

First, you need a 16" x 20" canvas for your monochromatic oil project.
I have them for sale here for:
$5 for the thinner profile
$9 for the thicker profile
If you want to go purchase your own, no biggie, but you need it here by next Fri.

Also you need at least 3 super cool very high quality b/w pics so we have some options for your oil painting.

As I said in class, it would be sweet if you took the images yourself!
If you want help converting them to b/w in PhotoShop I'm happy to help. Just let me know.
Again, those are due by next Friday.

And that's the same day the grisaille painting is due.
Hint, it shouldn't take you until the end of Fri to finish, so if you are playing your cards right you could have some study drawing time built in there as well.
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