Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Namey Name Names

Below you'll find a selection of names I would like you to start thinking about.
I'm asking that you begin giving some opinions on these names via "voting" on your 2-3 favorites in the comments section.
This is preliminary, and I would like to add one wrinkle as well.
You can, at this point, continue to make suggestions in the following manner: by piecing together different parts/words from the options listed below.
For example, you might like the word Awesome from one name, and Studios from another and Smith from another.
Which would give you Awesome Studios Smith - or, Awesome Smith Studios if you rearrange the words.
Or, rather A.S.S. if you are of the funny persuasion.
See what I mean? Good.
Now read carefully and leave a comment.

Barrels of Cats
Piglet Productions
Old Town Press
stART painting
Swagalicious Productions
Tyrant Lizard Productions
Fat Cat Art Corporation
502 Art Press
Students R Us
No Mess Press
Cadmium Awesome
Eloquent Gatos
Artventure Time
Paw Print Press
Sketchy Art Studios
Cat's Rad Art Press
Classy Cats Art
Ruffling Kittens
Lg Smart Art
Total Anarty
Paranormal Artivity
The Company Co.
Innovative Arts Industries
Wildcat Studio Arts
Avant-garde Industries
Paint Can Productions
Wild Art
Put It On Paper
Art and a Half
Laughing Gas Productions
Laughing Cat Productions
Kontrast Studios
Primary Co.
Starving Artist Co.
The Real Smith Shady
(no, you can't choose that one, I just thought it was funny)
CreARTive Inc.
Somewhat Strange Studios
Sleep-Deprived Productions
Sandwich Press
Input Art
Creative Minds Studio
Artistic Minds Studio
Painted Paw Studio
Los Gatos Artists Collective
Studio 502
Pink Elephant Press
Fraction Press
Appetite for Artistry
Infinity Productions
Press 502
Artistic Design
502 Art Studio
Studio LG
502 Crew
Caffeinated Fingers Press

There are some really interesting words to choose from here, and some good ideas.
What do you like? What do you have to add?
Let me know with a comment.


  1. I like appetite for artistry & stART painting & caffeinated fingers press

  2. lovin Los Gatos Artists Collective, stART Painting, Avante-garde Industries ,and Barrels of Cats.
    -Sam C.l.

  3. i like painted paw, but instead of studio, painted paw productions. and also stART painting and creartive inc.
    -Aaron Silva

    PS yesss i got the funny one :D

  4. Painted Paw Productions sounds good
    i still like Tyrant Lizard and Sketchy Art though
    Laughing Gas Productions is great but Laughing Cat Productions kinda works better