Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Happy Happy Joy Joy

First, who gets the reference in this post's title? Ten extra credit points if you're the first to tell me.

jk - though I would be interested in knowing if you get it or not.
It shows how old I am.

Anyway, it's Wed., 11/9, and I'm sitting at home with an excellently made cup of coffee - if I do say so myself (the first I've had all week, actually), and thinking about class.
Actually I'm just waiting to go to yoga and don't want to start any big projects since I have to leave in less than an hour.
But anyway, I digress.

I was thinking about today and how busy it kept me.
First, there was the due date for the color wheel painting in Art 1. While there isn't a lot for me to do on such dates besides help those of you clean up when you're in a rush, and wait for the onslaught of grading, it was a good time for me.
Enough of you were done enough ahead of time that I had the chance to talk with some of you some more. Truth be told, that's one of my favorite things about being a teacher  getting to know you students.
You're kind of awesome, I just don't tell you that enough.
And before I get too far ahead, I've graded first period's paintings - will get to 3rd's tomorrow, and they are pretty good overall. Well done.

Second, I was thinking about my 3/4's in 5th period. I know I laid a lot out there today between discussing the impending study drawing changes, and then the photo notes for Art 4, but you all did a pretty good job of hanging in there and being receptive.
I also felt that, overall, it was a fairly productive session even with the chaos of Waffle Wed. happening (thanks again, Megan and Morgan).

You'll have to bear with me as I figure out the mental part of study drawings. I don't think I would have felt comfortable with changing things up as I am if it hadn't been for the overall wonderful dynamic of the group coupled with some really good individual conversations I've been able to have with some of you lately.
I can tell you this, though, yes, there will be more due dates in the next two months. My hope is that your workload will be spread out so that you don't feel one huge crunch, though.
We'll see how it goes.
This will very much be a work in progress and I will most definitely welcome your constructive feedback/criticism.

So the point?
Overall, I give today an 'A'.

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  1. Kay first, I did not need Happy Happy Joy Joy stuck in my head again. Fortino did that too often freshman and sophomore years. *Shakes fist*
    And second, when is the due date for the Art 4 Oil Painting? I still feel waaaaay behind.
    And this is Tessa BTW.