Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Hmmm, ... really?

 So Andrew was kind enough to donate some not cheap hardware store cans of spray paint to the class this year that you have all been using.
They cam with a bag of nozzles, as you can see above, that are interchangeable between cans.
Now, I know what you are HOPEFULLY thinking. What the hell happened to that can of red?

I know, right!!!

This is what happens when you don't hold the can upside down and clear out the paint from the can/nozzle. S**t gets clogged and messy.
And thus unusable.
Unfortunately, this can/nozzle is basically useless at this point.
The same can be said of other things.

I mention this to make a larger point, though.
While I know ya'll are teenagers and cleaning up after yourself - let alone someone else - isn't exactly your forte, getting better - even incrementally - would be extremely helpful.
I don't mind the room being a little messy since it is, after all, an art room. I don't even mind doing some minor straightening up after you if it means you're being productive and getting better. But I've spent a lot of time cleaning up after my own kids, and I have to clean up after myself too. For reals, that keeps me busy!
I just need you to make a little bit more of a concerted effort to notice things like this and take the extra minute or two that it takes to make me - and this can - smile.

I know you know how to do it, and I have confidence in you.

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