Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Watercolor Landscape Step "4"

Today is about a multitude of smaller steps as we have finished most of the "big" stuff.
Remember, watercolor is about layering and going from big areas with light value and little detail and progressively working towards smaller and darker and more detailed areas.

This is the order I did mine in today:

1) Shadows/Windows of buildings - including lighthouse
     color: blue/black
     technique: wet on dry

2) Rocks in water - layer 1
     color blue/black/purple/brown/orange
     technique: wet on dry

3) Trees - layer 2
     color: blue/green/black
     technique: wet on dry
     remember to not cover all of what you put on previously, we are aiming for a textured/dappled effect

4) Ground - layer 3
     color: I didn't mix these to be homogenous, but used brown/purple/black/orange
     technique: splatter
     make sure to cover your water area, and everything above that, so the splatter only goes where the
     sand/dirt and grass areas will be

5) Rooftops
     color: red/orange/brown
     technique: wet on dry
     do the top of the lighthouse as well ... and wait until the shadows are dry BEFORE attempting this

As always, test your value and color on scrap paper in the back of your study drawing book.


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