Monday, December 5, 2011

Watercolor Landscape Step "3"

Now that you have the first layer of ground and the rubber cement on the water dry, it's time to move on to an additional layer.

Again, mix up more paint than you think you need for all areas and get ready.

Water, layer 1:
Color: Blue, hint of green, hint of blue
Technique: Combination of wet on wet and wet on dry
Take your brush and brush a small amount of water on the water area of the painting. Don't worry about covering it all or anything like that. Then begin adding your color. I'm pretty loose with this and the only thing I really worry about is the horizon line and where the water meets the ground. Other than that, it's all pretty blendy and just me trying to avoid letting the brush strokes be too obvious.

Did I mention that you need to test out your color/value before you start?
I guess I didn't need to because you know you ALWAYS do that before you begin with watercolor, right?

And remember, this is layer one on the water, so don't let the value be too dark.

Ground, layer 2:
Lower portion of ground/iceplant
Color: Green, brown, yellow, smalllllleesssttt hint of orange
Technique: wet on dry and salt
(if you are super super super careful you can do wet on wet, but I'd probably call it more like damp on wet - you really don't want a lot of water here, it shouldn't look the same as the sky).
With a medium-ish size brush begin painting your brown/green on around where the sandy/dirt areas are.
While the paint is still wet !!! sprinkle salt on the area.

Yes, you need to have your salt ready to go BEFORE adding your paint.

Upper portion of grass/iceplant
Color: Green, blue, yellow, brown
Technique: wet on dry (or wet on damp, see above)
Get your paint on being careful not to cover where the brown rocks go just above the water (below the buildings).
While you're at it, get a loose layer of color on where the trees will go.

You can very gently take the masking tape off of the lighthouse, too.
Careful not to rip the paper!

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