Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Art 1 Matboard

Yes, you need to supply your own matboard for your grid drawing.
But you can share as you only need half of a sheet of matboard.
So good for you :)
Remember a full sheet is 32" x 40". We went over this in class and it is on your handout.

For reals.

Other than that I don't really care which color you get.

University Art or Aaron Bros. are the easiest and "best" places to get this, but not the only places.
And share. If it will be hard for you to get there talk your partner into doing the dirty work. Or whoever it is that will be giving them a ride to do it, that is.

Ideally you would have it here this Thurs., 4/26, but it really, truly isn't due until Monday, 4/30.


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